Who are Adama Sow and Abdulai Jalloh? Two arrested and indicted in the largest-ever seizure of counterfeit goods in the US

Adama Sow and Abdulai Jalloh are names making waves on the internet in the past few days. They are not in the news for their accomplishments, but for something that could make them regret their actions. The two got arrested and indicted in the largest-ever seizure of counterfeit goods in the US.

Since the news of their arrest went viral, people have been asking who they are. In this article, we are going to find as much information as we can about their arrest and also tell you more about who they are.

Adama Sow and Abdulai Jalloh may have gone away with a lot of things in the past, but on this occasion, it wasn’t to be as they got arrested.

Adama Sow and Abdulai Jalloh: What Happened To Them?

The two have been detained in connection with the biggest-ever seizure of counterfeit products in US history, which included imitation designer items valued at over $1 billion at retail, according to New York officials.

According to charges and a press release from the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, Adama Sow, 38, and Abdulai Jalloh, 48, were taken into custody on Wednesday morning and charged with trafficking in counterfeit goods.

A judge placed Adama Sow’s bond at $1 million and Abdullai Jalloh’s bond at $500,000 during a bond hearing on Wednesday, according to court documents.

According to a press release from the attorney’s office, Adama Sow and Abdullai Jalloh managed the trafficking enterprise from January to October out of a storage facility in Manhattan.

Prosecutors claim that counterfeit items were also discovered after inspections of other sites under the supervision of Sow and Jalloh.

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said: “As alleged, the defendants used a Manhattan storage facility as a distribution center for massive amounts of knock-off designer goods. The seizures announced today consist of merchandise with over a billion dollars in estimated retail value, the largest-ever seizure of counterfeit goods in U.S. history. This is a testament to the commitment of this Office and its law enforcement partners to combat counterfeit trafficking in New York City.”

Prosecutors provided photos that showed purses hanging from floor to ceiling hooks in one area and shelves piled high with fake wallets and bags in another.

“Today’s groundbreaking announcement underscores the unwavering commitment of HSI New York in the fight against intellectual property theft and serves as a testament to the dedication of our team and partner agencies, who have tirelessly pursued justice, culminating in the largest-ever seizure of this kind,” said Special Agent in Charge Ivan Arvelo of Homeland Security Investigations.

Who are Adama Sow and Abdulai Jalloh?

Adama Sow is 38 years old and from Queens, New York, and Abdulai Jalloh is 48 years old and from New York, New York.

Each of them faces a possible 10-year prison sentence if found guilty of the charge of trafficking in counterfeit goods.

There are not many details available about their families and backgrounds.

In the next few days, it should be clear who they really are; for now, they are making the news for their involvement in what is described as the largest-ever seizure of counterfeit goods in the US.

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