Who are Azali Ward and Kayla Larmond? Two women caught tearing down posters of Israeli children abducted by Hamas

After being caught tearing down posters of Israeli children abducted by Hamas, two women, Azali Ward and Kayla Larmond, have found themselves in a whole lot of issues, and people have since been asking a lot of questions about who they are and what their motivations were for doing what they were caught doing.

Several X users condemned them on social media for their actions. In the era of social media, whatever you do has a way of surfacing out there. Coupled with the availability of camera devices everywhere, whatever you think you are doing in obscurity has a way of coming to light.

Azali Ward and Kayla Larmond Tear Down Posters

Two ladies were observed demolishing posters depicting Israeli children abducted by Hamas. Azali Ward and Kayla Larmond have been identified as the two women.

On social media, the incident footage went viral, showing them demolishing posters. On social media, a number of X users criticized them for what they did.

The battle between Israel and Gaza has claimed nearly 10,000 lives; thus, there is increasing pressure on Israel to ease its limitations on Gaza. A discussion over whether kinds of protest are suitable during times of global upheaval has been triggered by the film featuring Larmond and Ward, who both have strong opinions on the subject.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to a rise in antisemitic incidents that affect Jewish communities worldwide. Heidi Beirich, a co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, is aware of the pattern of hate crimes that spike during conflicts in the Middle East. The current wave of violence, according to prominent extremism specialist Brian Levin, is the largest assault on the Jewish community since the Holocaust.

Who are Kayla Larmond and Azali Ward?

Kayla Larmond and Azali Ward are the two women caught tearing down posters of Israeli children abducted by Hamas.

Azali Ward is an assistant coach at Baruch University and the vice president of student mentor leads for diversity at Fordham University in New York City, according to some publications.

The University of Albany is where Kayla Larmond received her degree.

Kayla Larmond and Azali Ward Criticized on Social Media

Several X users reacted to the video on the internet. One user wrote, “Hmmm… does “diversity” also include views that aren’t pro-terrorist? This really makes me question the morals of anyone coming out of Fordham or Baruch. Raises questions about their work ethic, too.”

“How am I not surprised that the folks involved with DEI work are always these insane illiberal race grifters.” another user wrote.

One X user tweeted, “bizarre how none of the students or university people are enrolled in things like business or engineering.”

In November 2023, Azali Ward assisted in tearing down posters intended to draw attention to Israeli civilians abducted by Hamas terrorists.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas carried out a series of terror strikes and war crimes that resulted in over 1,400 Israeli deaths, hundreds of kidnappings, and thousands of injuries. During these attacks, the group abducted civilians, including women and children.

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