Who are Charlie Teo Children? Get Familiar With His Four Children

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A neurosurgeon from Australia, Charlie Teo was born on December 24, 1957 and is formally known as Charles Teo AM. He attended The Scots College and earned his medical and surgical bachelor’s degrees from the University of New South Wales in 1981.

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Before travelling to the US to finish a fellowship in Dallas, Texas, Charlie Teo began his career in general neurosurgery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He is the only Australian neurosurgeon to be licensed by a US medical board.

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He lived for almost ten years in the United States, working as the chief of pediatric neurosurgery at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and an associate professor of neurosurgery.

When he got back to Australia, he chose himself to be the director of the Prince of Wales Hospital’s Center for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery.
In addition to the Charlie Teo Foundation, Charlie Teo is the creator of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, formerly the Cure For Life Foundation.

In the field of minimally invasive neurosurgery, Charlie Teo has built a solid international reputation throughout the course of his professional career. Teo has been on the Voiceless council since 2009. It is an Australian organization dedicated to animal welfare.

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Currently, Charlie Teo is not married and hence does not have a wife. However, he was previously married to Genevieve Teo but they separated in 2018 after 30 years of marriage.The pair first met when Charlie was 25 years old, at that time he was a doctor while Genevieve was a nurse at the same hospital.

Who are Charlie Teo Children?

Nikki Teo, Alex Teo, Sophie Teo, and Katie Teo are Charlie Teo’s four children. The four children are shared by the well-known Australian neurosurgeon and his first wife, Genevieve Teo. Since Charlie Teo’s children avoid the spotlight, information on their birthdate, age, height, level of education, and line of work was unavailable at the time this article was written.


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