Who are Elena Rybakina parents?

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Elena Rybakina is a Kazakhstani professional tennis player. She is the reigning champion at Wimbledon and the first Kazakhstani player to win a title at a major.

Elena Rybakina bio

On June 17, 1999, Elena Rybakina was born in Moscow. She began participating in sports alongside her older sister at an early age, initially concentrating on ice skating and gymnastics.

Her father suggested she switch to tennis instead after being informed that she was too tall to become a professional in either of those sports. Rybakina started playing tennis when she was six years old.

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Rybakina relocated to the Spartak Tennis Club from the Dynamo Sports Club, where she had a number of skilled coaches.

She received training from Andrey Chesnokov, a former top-10 player, and Evgenia Kulikovskaya, a former top-100 player. Irina Kiseleva, who won the modern pentathlon gold medal at the World Championships, was one of her fitness instructors.

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Rybakina did not begin receiving one-on-one instruction until she was a junior. Until the age of 15, she practiced with a group of approximately eight players, and then with a group of four players until the age of 18.

She only exercised for three hours a day and played tennis for roughly two hours a day. She attended a conventional high school without an athletics program, so she had to balance tennis with schoolwork, which reduced her time for tennis.

Elena Rybakina parents

Elena Rybakina was born in Moscow, Russia, to her parents. She and her older sister started playing sports when they were young, first concentrating on gymnastics and ice skating.

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But when he discovered she was too tall to play either of those sports professionally, her father suggested she switch to tennis.

She consequently started playing tennis when she was six years old. The identities of Rybakina’s parents are not well known. The athlete was a playing companion and grew up with her older sister, Anna Rybakina. Her relatives live in Russia.


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