Who Are Judith Tai Raanan And Natalie Raanan? Evanston Mother, Daughter Missing In Israel After Hamas Attack

Family members are very worried about where Judith Tai Raanan and Natalie Raanan are and if they are safe.

They are a mother and daughter from the Chicago area who were in Israel to visit family. They are now among the Americans who haven’t been seen since and are thought to have been kidnapped by Hamas attackers.

Hamas, a radical Palestinian group that runs the Gaza Strip, fired thousands of rockets at Israeli towns over the weekend and took more than 150 prisoners.

Because of this, Israel bombed Gaza, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly declared war on Hamas. A lot of people have died in the ongoing fighting; the death toll is now around 1,100, and violence keeps happening in towns.

Where are Judith Tai Raanan and Natalie Raanan?

This fear is made worse by the horrifying videos and pictures going around of Hamas kidnapping women during their planned attack. Dad Uri Raanan wrote on Facebook, “My daughter and her mother have been [captured] by HAMAS.”

On October 7, Hamas attacked and burned several towns. Judith and Natalie were in Nahal Oz, a small village close to the Gaza Strip. The father of Natalie and Judith’s brother were very worried because they hadn’t heard from the two since the event and thought the terrorists may have taken them hostage.

CNN says that Judith’s brother Adi Leviatan said that his sister and daughter had arrived in Israel the Monday before and that he hasn’t heard from them since the violence over the weekend.

US Veterans prepare for rescue mission

Officials say that a group of US soldiers is getting ready to fly out to Israel to help save the Americans who are stuck there. The US Embassy has told Americans to get ready to leave their homes in case of an emergency.

In the meantime, the family has kept in touch with the US Embassy, which is working hard to find out what’s going on with the Americans who are reported missing in Israel.

There were at least 11 American deaths in Hamas’s surprise attack on Israel, according to President Joe Biden. However, officials have not said how many US people are missing at this time.

The State Department said earlier on Monday that nine Americans were known to have been killed. “We can confirm that there are unaccounted for US citizens, and we are working with our Israeli partners to find them,” said Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the State Department.

As of right now, US officials have not publicly released the names of the Americans who were killed or went missing in the battle.

Americans remain unaccounted for

At the same time, Biden said, US officials are working with Israeli authorities to find out more about the whereabouts of Americans who are still missing and to confirm reports that people are being held hostage.

A lot of American families are worried that their loved ones might be being held hostage. But CNN hasn’t been able to independently check those claims.

Dear Jacob His name is Ben Senior, and his daughter Danielle was at the Nova music event near the border between Israel and Gaza. He hasn’t heard from her since Friday. Ben Senior said that he has been trying to call her since Saturday morning but hasn’t been able to.




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