Who Are The Freemasons? Beliefs, Practices & Facts

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The Freemasons are one of the oldest organizations in the world. Freemasons trace their origin to the local guilds of stonemasons (one of the oldest ways of construction where stone is the major material). There are two types of organization. Those who do not accept politicians, religious discussion, women membership and another type of Freemason who accepts all forms of members. Who are the Freemasons? What are some of the Freemason beliefs? Keep reading as I give you all the facts.

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How Does A Person Become A Member of The Freemason?

Not everyone is allowed into the organization. There are conditions and exceptions too. A minimum of 21 years is accepted for those who wish to join. Another requirement is that, the person wishing to join must be free and of good repute. As already stated, some section of the Freemason does not want religious people involved so any new candidate must declare a belief in a Supreme being.

Freemason Beliefs You Didn’t Know 

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The following are some of the things the Freemason believes in. Check the list.

  • Freemasons believe that a person is saved through his works by helping other people and through salvation in Jesus or any other God.
  • Some version of the Freemason accepts every worshipper or politician while some do not.
  • The version of Freemason accepts all manners of religious people pray together with all members.

Facts About Freemasons

The following are some of the facts about Freemasons.

  • Fourteen of the first 43 presidents of the United States were Freemasons.
  • Freemasons greet one another with a variety of handshakes, all based on one’s rank within the organization.
  • The Catholic Church forbid its members from joining Freemason
  • Freemason accepts mostly men though there are women in some versions.
  • Freemasons worship at a place they call a lodge.

What Are The Benefits of Becoming A Freemason?

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Freemason, just like any community has a lot of people. With a lot of people in it, there are benefits. The following are some:

  • Help: Masons are there for each other. It is easy to get assistance whether financial or any form of help.
  • Mentorship: A member can easily learn from another top member. All the needed skills will be provided for free
  • Education: Learning skills can easily be achieved as a member of Freemason.
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