Who Are The Jehovah’s Witness and What Do They Believe?

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The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a branch of the Christian faith which has a membership of over 8 million people. They are mostly known for their evangelism work. One of their biggest beliefs is the destruction of the earth and the imminent establishment of God’s new kingdom on the earth. How much do you know about Jehovah’s Witness? I have more details. Keep reading to find out more.

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Jehovah’s Witness Formation and History

The Christian denomination was founded by Charles Taze Russell in the 1870s. Years later, he also started the Watch Tower Tract Society in 1881which will become their biggest printing press.

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After the death of Charles Taze Russell, Joseph Franklin Rutherford took over and made a lot of changes. Today, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have become one of the biggest Christian denominations with over 8 million followers worldwide. In the next few lines, we will look at some of their beliefs.

What Do The Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe?

  •  They do not believe in the trinity which is one of the biggest beliefs amongst other Christian groups.
  • The Witnesses also believe that Jesus is not the same as God but was created.
  • They also believe the Holy Spirit is just a force, not a real person and not real.
  • The Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas or any holiday.
  • They do not support any government or serve in the military.
  • The Witnesses do not accept any form of blood transfusion.
  • They also have their version of the Christian Bible which they call The new word translation.
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