Who Are The Wachowski Sisters? Full Biography, Ages, Career, Net Worth

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The Wachowski sisters is a brand name for Lana Wachowski and Lily Wachowski who are American film and television directors, writers and producers. The sisters are both trans women and have worked together through most of their careers since 1996. They are also known for directing popular films which include “Bound”, “The Matrix”, and many others. In this post, we will discuss their career, their net worth, family and other issues.

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Who Are The Wachowski Sisters?

Lana was born in Chicago on 21 June 1965 and Lily was born two and half years later on 29 December 1967. The name of their parents is Lynne (a nurse and painter) and their father, Ron Wachowski (businessman). Their unclue Laurence Luckinbill was an actor and a Primetime Emmy award winner. They also have two other sisters by name of Julie and Laura.

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The sisters attended the Kellogg Elementary school in Chicago and also graduated from Whitney Young High School. After high school, Lana went to Bard College and Lily also attended Emerson College however the two dropped out before graduating and went into house-painting and construction business in Chicago.

In the mid-1990s, the Wachowskis went into film writing which included the script for Assasins in 1994 which was released the following year. Later on, Warner Bros bought the script. Then in 1996, they released their next project called “Bound” which they did together. That was the beginning of their career as directors. The “Bound” film was well-received by the public. Their next project “The Matrix” was another hit. In the next list, I will provide some of the movies they wrote and directed.

The Wachowskis Sisters Movies

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  • Assassins
  • Bound
  • The Matrix
  • The Matrix Revisited
  • Matrix Reloaded
  • The Matrix Revolutions
  • V For Vendetta
  • The Invasion
  • Speed Racer
  • Ninja Assassin
  • Cloud Atlas
  • Jupiter Ascending
  • The Matrix Resurrections

Television Shows

  • Sense8
  • Work In Progress

The Wachowskis Sisters Before And After Transitions

Before their transition into females, Lana was called Laurence Wachowski while Lily was Andrew Paul Wachowski. Lily was married in 1991 to Alisa Blasingame. Lana also married Thea Bloom in 1993 but later divorced him and married Karin Winslow in 2009.

Lana Wachowski formerly Laurence went through her transition in 2010 and made her first public appearance in 2012. Later Lily Wachowski formerly Andrew Paul came through in 2016 as a transgender.

The Wachowskis Sisters’ Net Worth

From their career as television writers, producers and directors, the Wachowskis sisters’ net worth is estimated to be around $125 million.

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