Who is Amelia Ressler? All Facts You Need To Know About Her Case

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Amelia Ressler was arrested for an indecent act of molesting children after she was employed as a substitute teacher at Zion Elementary School, Carrollton.

In this blog post, we’ll get into details about Amelia Ressler who was charged by the Carrollton police.

Amelia Ressler
Amelia Ressler

Who is Amelia Ressler?

Amelia Ressler is a 30 years old substitute teacher at a Georgia Elementary School who was charged with 19 counts of child molestation after he was arrested.

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Her arrest came up after the staff of the school, Zion Elementary School made a complaint against her. The internet caught the attention of the incident after Amelia Ressler was arrested by the police.

Amelia Ressler charges

Amelia Ressler was found masturbating in a video while second-grade students were standing in front of her and the video was used as evidence for the case.

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According to the investigative officer, Ashley Hulsey they were unable to watch what Amelia Ressler did however based on the interviews of the kids they added some additional charges

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