Who Is Andre August? Meet Jake Paul’s Next Opponent As He Announces Fight Against Pro Boxer 

Andre August is the boxer who social media star Jake Paul is scheduled to fight next. Apparently, not much is known about his opponent and many people want to know more about him.

The match is very much anticipated, and with Jake Paul’s opponent now revealed, the discussions can begin. The records of the two are already being compared, and the fight is a little over a month away.

Even before it is showtime, Jake Pual has been talking tough. This is not to be unexpected as boxing matches come with boxers talking tough and doing all sorts of things to put their opponents in fear, ultimately making them lose focus on what is at stake.

Now, though, the focus is on who Andre August is. He is not your everyday regular very popular boxer out there, as he is relatively unknown until now.

Jake Paul Fights Andre August

Jake Paul squares up against his most seasoned opponent to date. On December 15 in Orlando, Paul will compete against professional boxer Andre August in a cruiserweight match, his promotional organization revealed on Wednesday.

Paul’s opponent was not formally revealed when his return date was originally scheduled to air on DAZN. The social media celebrity’s boxing adventures have mostly involved crossover athletes and former UFC fighters. Finding the most popular opponent with the least amount of danger is Paul’s formula; a fight against August deviates from this.

Paul (7-1, 4 KOs) recently defeated UFC veteran Nate Diaz in his boxing debut via unanimous decision. In the boxing arena, Paul has only faced opponents who have won at least once twice: Tommy Fury lost a split decision and Anderson Silva, the former middleweight champion of the UFC, was defeated by decision.

“I’m a professional boxer and I want to be world champion, so I need to pursue the path towards greatness against people who have been boxing their whole life,” Paul said in a statement. “So far, my entire boxing career has been on pay-per-view, but now it’s about more than business. Now I want to build my experience in the ring against seasoned fighters. I’m coming to prove my greatness on Friday, December 15th live on DAZN for the world to see.”

The unexpected victor of the Paul sweepstakes is August (10-1, 5 KOs), a name that few, if any, predicted to be in the running. Andre August comes into the match riding a five-fight winning run that includes one stoppage.

“I don’t talk very much. I’m all about that action,” August said in a statement. “Jake Paul has the money, the fame, the team and the resources but he doesn’t have my hunger. When that bell rings, I am going to go straight to Jake Paul and ring his bell and send him back to YouTube for good.”

Who Is Andre August?

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Andre August

Andre August is a professional boxer. A native of Beaumont, Texas, he made his boxing debut in 2013 and has largely stopped competing in the last several years.

After a fight in November 2019, he took an almost four-year hiatus before defeating Brandon Martin by unanimous decision in August.

According to the press release, August began his combat career while engaging in gang activities on the streets rather than in the ring. Through street fighting, he eventually found his way to the boxing ring, where he went on to win a state championship.

August is the owner of Augu$t-Boy Promotions and lists himself as both a boxer and a promoter.

“I don’t talk very much,” August said, according to the news release. “I’m all about that action! Jake Paul has the money, the fame, the team, and the resources but he doesn’t have my hunger. When that bell rings, I am going to go straight to Jake Paul and ring his bell and send him back to YouTube for good.”

Meet Jake Paul, Andre August Opponent

Jake Joseph Paul is an American actor, YouTuber, and professional boxer who was born on January 17, 1997. Before starring as Dirk Mann for two seasons on the Disney Channel sitcom Bizaardvark, he first gained notoriety on Vine.

Paul’s boxing career started in August 2018, when he won an amateur fight by TKO in the fifth round against British YouTuber Deji Olatunji.

After becoming a pro in January 2020, Paul defeated YouTuber AnEsonGib via first-round TKO. Between 2020 and 2022, Paul defeated former basketball player Nate Robinson via second-round KO, as well as retired mixed martial artists Tyron Woodley, Anderson Silva, and Ben Askren via first-round TKO, twice via SD and sixth-round KO, and twice via UD.

In February 2023, Tommy Fury delivered him his first-ever professional defeat via SD. He overcame 38-year-old UFC star Nate Diaz via unanimous decision in August 2023.

Andre August’s opponent in the December 15 fight, Jake Paul grew up in Westlake, Ohio, alongside his older brother Logan, a YouTuber and well-known figure on the internet. Logan was born in Cleveland, Ohio. When Jake was ten years old, they began recording themselves. Gregory Allan Paul, a realtor, and Pamela Ann Stepnick are their parents.

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