Who Is Anika Wells Husband, Finn McCarthy?

Anika Wells, a prominent Australian politician, has gained recognition in the United States for her notable contributions to the political arena. To find out who Anika Wells’s husband, Finn McCarthy is, keep reading this report.

Following her successful bid in the 2019 federal election, she was elected as a member of the House of Representatives, representing the Lilley Division. As a member of the Australian Labour Party (ALP), she currently holds the esteemed positions of Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Sport in Queensland.

In addition to her political career, Wells is also a devoted wife and mother of three children. She is married to Finn McCarthy, an accomplished lawyer whose background and achievements will be expounded upon in this article.

Who Is Anika Wells?

Anika Wells, a native of Brisbane, Queensland, was born on August 11, 1985. While the identities of her parents remain unknown, it is established that her mother held an administrative position, while her father worked as an accountant. Anika Wells was born in New Zealand, and due to her parents’ citizenship, she acquired New Zealand citizenship by descent. However, in February 2018, she relinquished her New Zealand citizenship in order to pursue a political career.

During her formative years, Wells attended Moreton Bay College, where she demonstrated leadership qualities by serving as the school’s captain. Subsequently, she enrolled at Griffith University, where she successfully obtained degrees in both law and arts. Additionally, she furthered her legal education by completing a diploma in legal practice at the prestigious Australian National University. Following her academic achievements, Wells dedicated five years of her professional life as a government adviser, utilizing her expertise and knowledge gained from her university degrees.

In 2012 and 2014, she obtained legal admission and subsequently pursued a career as a compensation attorney, specializing in cases related to immigration detention. In March 2018, she secured the nomination from the Labor Party for the Lilley Division, ultimately emerging victorious in the federal election the following year. This achievement marked a significant milestone as she became the youngest female MP in Australia’s history.

During the May 2022 federal election, Wells initially held a narrow lead of 0.6% in the Lilley Division. However, she managed to secure a substantial first preference shift of 6.48 percentage points in favour of the Labour Party, ultimately leading to her victory. Following the election, she was appointed to the ministry under the newly formed Federal Labour Administration.

Wells is an active member of the Labour Right faction in Queensland and her promotion to the ministry was in line with the party’s affirmative action policies. As a result, Blair MP Shayne Neumann was demoted to the backbenches after previously serving on the shadow frontbench. In May 2022, Wells assumed the role of Minister for Sport and Aged Care. In an effort to explore avenues for augmenting financial resources for senior care facilities, she established a task force in June 2023. This task force was tasked with examining the feasibility of introducing a taxpayer levy or alternative financial mechanisms to bolster funding for institutions catering to the elderly.

Who Is Anika Wells Husband, Finn McCarthy?

Anika Wells was already enjoying a gratifying marital union when she entered parliament. She is married to Finn McCarthy, a distinguished Australian attorney.

Their family of five is comprised of a daughter, born prior to Wells’ assumption of office, and twin sons named Ossian and Dashiell McCarthy.

While limited information is available about Finn due to his preference for a low-key presence, his unwavering commitment as a devoted husband is evident through his frequent attendance at official functions alongside Wells. As her political career gains momentum, she receives his steadfast support.


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