Who Is Anthony Castleman? Huntington County Fugitive Arrested For The Murder Of His Grandmother

Find out from this article who Anthony Castleman is, the man who reportedly murdered his grandmother and hid her body.

Anthony Castleman, 37, is suspected of killing his grandmother, Bernice Eubank, with great violence, according to a statement released by the Huntington County Sheriff’s Office. The U.S. Marshals in Georgia carried out the arrest, which put an uncomfortable end to a case that had the close-knit rural Huntington County community in terror.

On November 13, it was unfortunately discovered that 72-year-old Bernice Eubank had been fatally stabbed in her home near the town of Markle. Her absence was reported to the authorities by worried family members who had been unable to contact her for several days. Anthony Castleman, her grandson, was issued a warrant for his arrest following further investigations, WPTA reported.

Who is Anthony Castleman?

Anthony Castleman is the man who allegedly stabbed his grandmother to death and hid her body under some carpet and several pieces of lattice in the backyard of her Indiana home. He has been captured after about six weeks on the run, authorities said.

What did Huntington County Sheriff Chris Newton disclose?

This Monday, Huntington County Sheriff Chris Newton revealed that 37-year-old Anthony Castleman was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals in Georgia, but he did not elaborate.

Around 6 p.m. on Nov. 12, sheriff’s office deputies discovered Bernice D. Eubank dead from a stabbing at her residence close to the town of Markle, which is located about 30 miles south of Fort Wayne. After she hadn’t been heard from for a few days, her relatives phoned deputies. It is believed by investigators that she had been deceased for “some time” prior to her finding.

“In all my years of law enforcement, this may be one of the most brutal scenes I’ve ever seen or been part of. I think it kind of shook our folks seeing something like that, especially when you realize it’s an elderly woman and the perpetrator in this was her grandson,” Newton told local CBS affiliate WANE.

Local affiliate WTPA reported that Castleman had been residing with his grandmother, citing an arrest report. When Eubank’s daughter visited the house, she saw a rug with a section ripped out. Her mother’s body was discovered outside, close to a barn, beneath a carpet and lattice, after she phoned the deputies.

Her death was ruled a homicide by the Huntington County Coroner, who also concluded that she had several sharp force injuries. Castleman was immediately recognized by detectives as the suspect.

The day before the death was discovered, Castleman went to his cousin’s house and requested bleach to clean up a mess. According to the documents, he also stated he was “going to prison for a long time” during this investigation. He drove Eubank’s car to the cousin’s residence.

A manhunt ensued for Castleman, who fled the area.

“Throughout the early part of the investigation, officers learned that he had fled Huntington County and trying to get out of the state,” the agency said in a press release.

source: www.ghbase.com


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