Who Is Ashley Barkis? Is She Racist?

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On May 18, 2023, Ashley Barkis found herself in a car accident in California, where two vehicles collided. The specific details about the incident have not been disclosed, and the local Police department has not released any official statements regarding the matter. However, despite the lack of official information, the incident has gained significant attention and discussion on various social media platforms.

Ashley Barkis is a social media influencer and content creator hailing from the United States of America, and her name has remained in the media spotlight for the past few days. What has captured widespread attention is a viral video that captured the accident, revealing Ashley’s use of racist remarks and engaging in physical aggression toward the other driver involved.

The video spread rapidly across multiple social media platforms, showcasing Ashley verbally and physically attacking the man involved, even though he was not responsible for causing the collision. Ashley directed her anger towards him due to his car colliding with hers. In response to the incident, Ashley has released an apology video; however, there is a growing demand for her arrest.

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Is Ashley Barkis Racist?

Social media users have been expressing their concerns about Ashley Barkis, a Californian woman, as many claim that she exhibited racist behavior by making a derogatory remark towards a man involved in a recent car collision. The incident came to light when a TikTok user shared a video capturing Barkis aggressively confronting an Asian man and his family, accusing them of hitting her car. In the video, Barkis is seen questioning the man about his driving license and even questioning his legal status in the USA.

The video has sparked widespread criticism and accusations of racism towards Barkis. However, Barkis has since released an apology video where she denies being racist. Despite her apology, the incident has generated significant discussion and debate online, with many users expressing their views on Barkis’ behavior and the implications of her actions.


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