Who Is Ben Armstrong’s Wife, Bethany Armstrong?

Bethany Armstrong is Ben Armstrong’s wife, but what do you know about his lovely wife? In this article, we are going to get the details of who the cryptocurrency enthusiast’s wife is and what has become of their relationship over the years.

Ben Armstrong, often known as Bitboy Crypto, is well-known in the cryptocurrency world. His journey started in 2012 when he made his first Bitcoin investment. But subsequent occurrences have soured his professional standing. According to reports, he left BitBoy Crypto because of controversies, such as the meme coin scandals and potential legal problems.

Many people have been interested in learning more about his personal life, particularly his marriage and relationships, during the controversy. Dissect every aspect of the crypto influencer’s personal life that is currently known. Read further to learn more about who Bethany Armstrong, Ben Armstrong’s wife, is.

Ben Armstrong’s Wife, Bethany Armstrong: Who Is She?

For close to a decade, Bethany Armstrong has been the cryptocurrency enthusiast, Ben Armstrong’s wife. The couple has had a good time together over the years. The blogger Bethany has consistently supported her husband’s work. She likes to read books and discuss them with other people. Additionally, the wife of the cryptocurrency influencer has a YouTube account.

Three sons and a daughter make up the lovely family of four that the Armstrongs enjoy. Their children’s names and dates of birth have not been made public. They appear in Bethany and Ben’s social media updates, which shows how happy they make him. Armstrong has seen success and controversy throughout his time at Bitboy Crypto.

His family has always been a steady source of love and support, especially his wife, Bethany, and their four children. Bethany must be in her house in the United States if anyone is wondering where she is.

Ben Armstrong Affair

People wanted to know more about Ben Armstrong’s wife because of the affair he has been reported to have had. The relationship between the Armstrongs has not been without its difficulties.

In late August, the cryptocurrency influencer posted an emotional video on BitBoy Crypto’s official YouTube account. In the video, he sought to shed light on ongoing disputes and earnestly begged for pardon from his viewers and, more significantly, his wife.

In his video statement, Ben Armstrong acknowledged having an affair with a person other than his wife Bethany. He acknowledged the length of time that this romance had lasted. The video did not, however, give any precise information about the party who was having the affair.

On social media sites like Twitter, rumors circulated that Cassandra Wolfe would be the subject. Ben’s admission of adultery was a difficult realization for his family and supporters, regardless of who she was. Additionally, on September 1, Bethany Armstrong posted a touching video clip that featured a number of special times she had had with her husband, Ben.

In the wake of all that has been happening, Ben Armstrong’s wife is still with him. She added the caption as a caption to her video, “I choose you.” The pair have decided to start a new chapter in their relationship, and this poignant note suggests that Bethany has found it in her to forgive Ben. The public’s reaction to the predicament of Ben and Bethany has been conflicted. Undoubtedly, the Armstrongs’ difficulties have put their marriage to the test..

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