Who Is Ben Johnson Wife, Carol Elaine Jones?

More than two decades have passed since he died on April 8, 1996. Who was Ben Johnson’s wife, Carol Elaine Jones? There must be something about him that has made people continue to remember him.

In this article, we are going to delve into the details of his relationship with his lovely wife. In addition to that, we will learn about his exploits in his chosen career.

A good name, they say, is better than riches. If he had not left a good name, no one would probably have remembered him. But his illustrious career has made him someone that people will continue to remember.

Who Was Ben Johnson?

Before we talk about Ben Johnson’s wife, Carol Elaine Jones, let’s get to know a few things about him.

Francis Benjamin Johnson Jr. was a world-champion rodeo cowboy, stuntman, and actor from the United States who lived from June 13, 1918, until April 8, 1996. With his easygoing demeanor and skillful riding, Johnson authentically portrayed various Western characters.

Rancher Johnson’s father had sent him to Hollywood to bring a load of horses for a movie. Before making his acting debut with John Ford’s assistance, he worked for several years as a stunt double.

In the 1950s coming-of-age film The Last Picture Show, Johnson played a former cowboy theater owner in an elegiac way that won him the 1971 Academy Award, BAFTA Award, and Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Throughout his career, Johnson also owned a ranch for the breeding of horses. Despite claiming to have achieved success by staying true to his skills, Johnson’s astute real estate decisions contributed to his projected $100 million net worth in his latter years.

Ben Johnson Early Life and Career Beginnings

The son of Ben Johnson Sr. and Ollie Susan Johnson, Johnson was born in Foraker, Oklahoma, on the Osage Indian Reservation. He claimed Irish and Cherokee heritage.

In Osage County, his father was a great rodeo rider and rancher.

The Outlaw, directed by Howard Hughes, marked the start of Johnson’s film career.

Afterward, Johnson would often remark that he arrived in Hollywood with a vehicle full of horses.

Director John Ford saw Johnson’s stunt work and engaged him to undertake stunts in the 1948 movie Fort Apache and to ride a double for Henry Fonda. Three guys were riding in a wagon when the horses stampeded during the gunfire.

Johnson “happened to be settin’ on a horse” when he intervened to halt the escaping wagon and preserve the guys.

Ben Johnson thought that Ford’s promise of recompense, which included another double job or even a minor speaking role, would come true.

Rather, Ford gave him a seven-year acting deal. Johnson was called into Ford’s office, where a contract was placed in an envelope.

After reading it to the fifth line, which read “$5,000 a week,” Johnson put down the book, picked up a pen, signed it, and returned it to Ford.

So much is known about him at this moment, but what do you know about Ben Johnson’s wife, Carol Elaine Jones? Let’s learn more about her in the next section of the article.

Carol Elaine Jones: Who Is Ben Johnson’s Wife?

Carol Elaine Jones was Ben Johnson’s wife. Johnson married her in 1941, and they were together until her passing on March 27, 1994.

They didn’t have any kids. Carol Elaine Jones was the famous Hollywood horse trainer Clarence “Fat” Jones’ daughter.

Up until his death at the age of 77, following a heart attack, Johnson carried on working almost continuously. During a visit to his then-96-year-old mother, Ollie, at Leisure World in Mesa, Arizona, a retirement complex in the Phoenix suburbs where they both resided, the seasoned actor passed away on April 8, 1996.

Ben Johnson’s remains were eventually moved to Pawhuska, Oklahoma, from Arizona so that they might be buried at the Pawhuska City Cemetery.


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