Who is Brianna Long? Former high school soccer star killed by stray bullet while working at Georgia bar

At the age of 21, Brianna Long, a former soccer star in high school, met her tragic end while working at a pub in Georgia. The authorities in the area are currently investigating the unfortunate event. According to a news release by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), the pub’s staff had stopped serving customers and were in the process of closing the bar when the shooting took place. The GBI also stated that several vehicles were hit by gunfire as numerous patrons were outside the restaurant during the incident.

Who Is Brianna Long? 

According to sources, Brianna Long is a former football star at Paulding County High School where she attended. She was such a standout athlete and was chosen as the Positive Athlete Georgia regional winner for the 2019/2020 academic year out of 5,000 student-athletes. Her family has also made the public aware that Long was a lifeguard as well as a high school soccer star and cheerleader.

After graduating from high school, Long pursued a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene at Valdosta State University, with an expected completion date of May 2024, as mentioned in her obituary. Tragically, she lost her life while working at a pub in Georgia when she was unexpectedly hit by a stray bullet. The incident took place while several customers were outside the restaurant, resulting in gunfire that also caused damage to multiple cars, according to the GBI.

The GBI has confirmed that there were no other reported injuries, and currently, no suspects have been identified or arrested. Long was immediately taken to South Georgia Medical Center, where she later passed away. A GBI medical examiner will conduct an autopsy.

Former high school soccer star killed by stray bullet while working at Georgia bar

The incident occurred outside The Pier, where Brianna Long worked in Remerton, at 2:30 in the morning, while she and other staff members were closing the establishment. The police stated that an initial investigation indicates that there may have been an altercation outside the pub before the shooting occurred.

A message posted on Instagram by the pub where Long was employed read, “As most of you know, we lost the beautiful soul of Brianna Long tragically and suddenly early Sunday morning. Writing this seems impossible and is incredibly devastating, like a terrible nightmare we wish we could all wake up from.”

“It’s hard to find the right words because there is really nothing right about the situation,” the bar added. “If you knew Bri, you loved her. Her kindness and love radiated to everyone who had the opportunity to meet her, know her, and love her.”

Brianna Long Obituary 

Brianna Long’s obituary reads, “bright light in the lives of all who had the pleasure of knowing her.” Long graduated from Paulding County High School in 2020 and was on track to graduate from Valdosta State University with a degree in dental hygiene.

“Her determination to positively impact the lives of those around her was evident in every aspect of her life”. “There was not a fun time that we had with Brianna,” her uncle Kevin Long told the station. “She was always making everyone smile.”

GoFundMe For Brianna Long

As of Thursday morning, November 2, 2023, a GoFundMe campaign had raised around $10,000 to support the family. A public memorial to honour Long’s life will be held at her former high school on Sunday.

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