Who Is Clayanna Warthen Daughter, London Iguodala?

London Iguodala, born on May 7, 2009, is the daughter of American professional basketball player Andre Iguodala. She is the only and last child of a renowned basketball player from Springfield.

Illinois, and is considered one of the best players playing for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association. Iguodala is currently 13 years old and is known for her talent and dedication to the sport. She is also the mother of two children.

What happened to Clayanna Warthen?

Clayanna Warthen initiated legal action against Andre Iguodala, a former NBA player, first in 2009 and subsequently seven years later, when he was affiliated with the Golden State Warriors. Warthen, a former student at Pennsauken High School, asserted that she was in a relationship with Iguodala spanning from 2004 to 2009.

During this time, she gave birth to their daughter, London, in 2009, prompting her to seek child support from Iguodala. Warthen, who made appearances as a recurring cast member on the 11th season of “Basketball Wives,” alleged that Iguodala had concerns about their daughter participating in basketball at school, possibly related to her perceived sexual orientation.

She asserted that Iguodala exhibited neglect towards their daughter and only spent a mere nine hours with her in the year 2015. These claims further fueled the legal dispute between the two. In response to the legal proceedings, Iguodala and his legal team characterized Warthen’s lawsuit as an endeavor to financially exploit him, referring to it as an attempt to “take him to the cleaners.”

The legal battle unfolded against the backdrop of complex personal and familial dynamics, with accusations and counterclaims adding layers to the contentious relationship between the former couple.

Clayanna Warthen daughter: Meet London Iguodala

London Iguodala, born on May 7, 2009, in the United States, is a notable figure as the only daughter and youngest child of the acclaimed basketball player Andre Iguodala. Hailing from Springfield, Illinois, Andre is recognized as one of the premier basketball talents associated with the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

London’s family background includes her elder brother, Andre Tyler Iguodala II. She is the offspring of Andre Iguodala and his girlfriend, Clayanna Warthen. However, details about her educational journey have been deliberately kept private, adding an air of mystery to her upbringing.

Beyond her immediate family, London is connected to a broader familial network. She is the granddaughter of Leonard Shanklin and Linda Shanklin, while also being the niece of Frank Iguodala. This familial context provides a glimpse into the various relationships that shape London’s life.

Andre Iguodala, London’s father, was born on January 28, 1984, in Springfield, Illinois, and currently, at the age of 38, he stands tall at a height of 1.98 meters. His basketball career has been illustrious, particularly with his contributions to the Golden State Warriors.

London Iguodala, at the age of 13, is at an interesting juncture in her life, with her familial ties and the legacy of her father’s sporting achievements adding layers to her identity.


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