Who Is Dora’s Boyfriend; Pablo or Diego?

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Dora the Explorer is one of the famous American animated television shows which was produced by Nickelodeon and created by Chris Gifford. The first episode of this television show was aired on 12th June, 2000 and was initially intended as a pilot for a television series called The Adventures of Dora.

The television show talks about a girl called Dora and her family. Along with the interesting scenes and moments in the family drama television series, most people quiz themselves to know whether Dora had a boyfriend or not.

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Who Is Dora’s Boyfriend?

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Most people around the world are eager to know who Dora’s boyfriend is. A lot of them suspect that, the animé character, Dora is in a relationship with Diego or Pablo in the television show. Well, the truth is; that Dora does not have a boyfriend but it is recorded that, she has a couple of male cousins. Diego Marquez is Dora’s cousin and not her boyfriend.

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It’s however established in the television show how connected they are; their fathers are also more connected and they are even first cousins. Dora’s cousin, Diego was first sighted in Season 3, episode 2 which first showed on television in October 2003. Diego went ahead to become the new subject of the television show.


How Old Is Dora The Explorer?

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DORA THE EXPLORER: Boots (on top) and Dora (on bottom)
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The famous animé character was only 7 years of age in the initial five seasons which lasted from the year 2000 to 2010. Therefore, from seasons 6 to 8, Dora exhibited a sign of age; eight years through those seasons. Throughout the entire season, Dora had grown.

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Dora and Pablo’s Relationship


Pablo is the first male anime character to appear on the Dora the Explorer television show as Pablo Flute. In the television show, he is very affectionate toward Dora which makes people think he loves her. His grandfather raised him on a farm and gave him a magical flute.

Vegetation grows in the mountain the moment the boy plays the flute. Miss Marquez and Boots assist him to find the flute when he lost it. Pablo has brown hair and brown skin. In the television show, he wore a blue short-sleeved shirt over a yellow long-sleeved shirt and light yellow shoes with light and dark-blue patterns and tan capris.

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