Who Is Elkana Bohbot? Man Seen Being Taken Hostage In Hamas’ Propaganda Video

Find out more about Elkana Bohbot, the Israeli man who was held hostage in Hamas among other prisoners at the Nova event.

Who is Elkana Bohbot?

After a Hamas propaganda film went viral online, an Israeli man named Uriel Bohbot was shocked and terrified to learn that his brother, Elkana, had been held captive by the organization. Uriel saw his brother in the upsetting video among the prisoners at the Nova event when Hamas began their incursion on Saturday.

Along with an estimated 150 other hostages who were captured by Hamas during their attack on Israel, Elkana was observed being put aboard a truck that was travelling back toward Gaza.

After seeing the video, Uriel immediately boarded the first flight from San Francisco to Jerusalem to be with his family. Before the incident, Elkana had given his family reassurance that they would be secure by saying he was helping people leave the neighbourhood. Uriel clarified, “I know my brother, and he would never leave anyone behind, and I think that’s why they caught him. At least we have this video, which is a sign of life.”

What was the video about?

Uriel Bohbot faced a devastating revelation when he encountered a propaganda video online, which showcased his brother, Elkana, among the captives taken by Hamas. The video exposed the harrowing conditions in which Elkana and approximately 150 other hostages were placed following the attack on the Nova festival.

The tragedy that occurred in southern Israel, resulting in more than 260 injuries when terrorists on paragliders and armed persons in vans invaded the event, was witnessed by festival attendees, including Elkana, who owns an ice cream shop in Tel Aviv.

Hamas has been using the prisoners as bargaining chips, threatening to kill one of them for each surprise airstrike on Gazan civilian homes. Although Hamas has expressed a desire to participate in talks for a potential ceasefire, emotions are still high.

The liberation of a female hostage and two children was depicted in a video broadcast on Wednesday by the Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ armed branch. During this time, reports of a Lebanese airspace intrusion prompted missile sirens to sound in northern Israel, raising fears that the fighting may spread to neighboring countries. 

International media have taken notice of the situation after US President Joe Biden warned Iran against getting involved.

Initial U.S. intelligence reports indicated that although Iran was probably aware of the extremist group’s ambitions to attack Israel, some Iranian commanders were taken aback by the attack’s extraordinary origins in Gaza. It was revealed on Sunday that Iranian security personnel had contributed to the attack’s planning.

In the middle of the growing crisis, stories of terrible atrocities, such as the decapitation of toddlers in southern Israel, have surfaced, some from Israeli sources. Such assertions have been refuted by Hamas, who labelled them as “false.” International watchers worry that the issue will only get more complicated and violent, maybe spreading to other areas.

Festival tragedy and aftermath

Elkana, a Tel Aviv ice cream shop owner, was one of the festival goers who witnessed the horrific events that took place in southern Israel. Over 260 people were killed as a result of the attack, which was carried out by Hamas militants using paragliders and armed personnel in trucks. All those who were present were negatively affected by what was supposed to be a joyful occasion but instead devolved into a scene of turmoil and dread.

source: www.ghbase.com


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