Who is Erika Genaro?

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Erika genaro is Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde’s former nanny who allegedly blabbed to the media about them.

According to some reports, the Midsommar actress, Florence Pugh had an issue with Styles and Wilde getting together because the latter was still dating Pugh’s friend Jason Sudeikis at the time.

In a shocking interview with Daily Mail, Erika Genaro said that the rivalry is caused by something resembling envy. Before the Little Women actress and singer of Watermelon Sugar decided to begin a serious relationship, the two are said to have had a fling.

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In a video posted online, Genaro claims that Sudeikis was the one to tell her that her longtime lover Zack Braff was “Flo was f-king Harry and she had a boyfriend.”

The unnamed nanny claims that Wilde dumped Sudeikis on November 8th, and that he later discovered information about her relationship with Styles on an old Apple Watch she had left behind. She further alleged that the father of two had forbidden his kids from listening to the catchy sounds of pop singers.

One of the former nanny’s most vehement allegations was that Sudeikis became enraged when he observed Wilde making a salad for Styles in the family kitchen using her “special dressing.” She continued by claiming that in an effort to prevent her from seeing the singer, the Ted Lasso actor threw himself under her car.

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The nanny claimed Sudeikis told her, “She has a special salad dressing she makes for us, and she’s taken it to eat it with him now,” despite the fact that she claimed to not know what made the salad special.

The actor allegedly began telling the nanny about her friendship with Styles and claimed that she initiated contact with him. Sudeikis allegedly informed her, “She kissed him during one of the dinners they arranged for the cast in Palm Springs.

In the end, the nanny alleges she was fired without receiving any severance compensation, a charge that has been refuted by a Wilde spokesman who claims the nanny quit.

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The ex-couple expressed their disappointment to the media outlet after learning the former nanny had made “false and scurrilous charges” in public. They said, “Her tragic 18-month campaign of harassing us, as well as family, close friends, and colleagues, has reached its unfortunate climax.


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