Who Is Gal Hirsch? Israel’s Newly Appointed Hostage Envoy Amidst War With Hamas

As the conflict continues, stories come up every time relating to it. Israel’s newly appointed hostage envoy amidst the war with Hamas, Gal Hirsch, is in the news not too long after his appointment.

Gal Hirsch, Israel’s recently designated hostage envoy, played no role in the discussions that resulted in the release of two Israeli hostages this past week. The disclosure occurs in the midst of growing criticism directed at Hirsch’s performance.

Gal Hirsch is a well-known security specialist and military figure in Israel who had a distinguished career in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Since the issues with his performance came up, a lot of people have been searching for information about him. So, who is Gal Hirsch?

In this article, we are going to look at the details of the criticisms meted out to Gal Hirsch. We will also try to bring you as much information as possible about him.

Gal Hirsch Was Recently Appointed Israel’s Hostage Envoy

Gal Hirsch, who was just named Israel’s envoy for hostages, participated in only a small portion of the talks that resulted in the release of two groups of Israeli hostages last week.

This information is made in the face of mounting criticism of Hirsch’s actions since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed him right after the October 7 attack by Hamas, which claimed the lives of about 1,400 people and kidnapped another 220.

Who Is Gal Hirsch?

Gal Hirsch is a well-known security specialist and military figure in Israel who rose to prominence in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and went on to hold leadership, security, and defense positions.

Hirsch’s military career started when he enlisted in the IDF and worked his way up to become an officer. He oversaw a number of units and acquired vital knowledge in the intricate world of security, intelligence, and terrorist operations.

As the commander of the IDF’s Galilee Division in the 2006 Lebanon War, Hirsch made a significant contribution. He was commended for his strategic thinking and command of military operations during this battle.

Gal Hirsch, though, resigned from the military as a result of the war’s controversy and dispute.

Gal Hirsch turned his attention to the commercial sector after serving in the military and established the defense and security consulting company, Defensive Shield Holdings.

In addition, he gained popularity as a security expert pundit, offering knowledgeable analysis and insights on defense plans, counterterrorism tactics, and regional crises.

Hirsch is well-respected both in Israel and internationally due to his experiences and knowledge in military and security matters.

Security experts, decision-makers, and analysts greatly value his viewpoints on the constantly changing issues of terrorism and modern warfare.

Calls For Netanyahu to Sack Gal Hirsch Intensify

Benjamin Netanyahu is under pressure to fire his recently appointed prisoner envoy due to irate protests about him playing a major role in the release of Hamas captives.

Gal Hirsch, a retired brigadier general of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was the target of a petition sent by critics to the Israeli prime minister following his alleged attempt to capitalize on the release of two US prisoners on Friday.

Mother and daughter Judith and Natalie Raanan were photographed at the Gaza border on Friday night. Gal Hirsch was seen walking between them in IDF photos.

The two women did not have body armor on, but he did.

It happens at a time when Mr. Netanyahu’s standing has drastically declined in the wake of the Hamas strikes. His security qualifications had become his reputation.

Given his contentious past as the commander of the Galilee Brigades, which was positioned close to Israel’s border with Lebanon during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, there were questions raised about Mr. Hirsch’s selection.

His bright military future was abruptly cut short when he was held accountable for the horrific battle of Bint Jbeil, which resulted in the kidnapping of two IDF troops and the deaths of eight others in some of the bloodiest combat of the conflict.

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