Who is Gully Bop wife, Shauna Chin?

He was a popular artist from Jamaica, a man whose music a lot of people liked to listen to. But do you know who Shauna Chin, Gully Bop’s wife, is? In this article, we are going to talk about who the Jamaican artist married and what became of their relationship.

When you are popular, everything about you becomes a topical issue. Over the past few days, there has not been good news about Gully Bop, but what happened to him?

Gully Bop’s wife and many things about him have become topical issues because of an unfortunate event that has happened in relation to him. As we tell you more about his relationship, we will get to talk more about the unfortunate incident involving him.

What Happened to Gully Bop?

In what is an unfortunate incident, Gully Bop has been reported dead. Gully Bop’s wife and the many other people related to him have since been thrown into a state of mourning.

The dancehall community is in grief following Gully Bop’s illness-related death in a Kingston hospital.

On Monday, October 31, 2023, the artist—real name: Robert Lee Malcolm—passed away during his hospitalization at Kingston Public Hospital. His age was fifty-nine.

According to Pastor Chris Tate of El’Shaddai Prophetic Ministries, the performer passed away on Monday at Kingston Public Hospital, as reported by Observer Online.

It was said that Gully Bop, whose true name is Robert Lee Malcolm, had been undergoing treatment at a hospital for a kidney condition for a few months when he was admitted.

Gully Bop Rise To Fame

2014 saw Gully Bop become well-known thanks to his infectious song “Body Specialist.” His ‘rags to riches’ narrative captured Jamaican attention when a video of him deejaying the music on the streets went viral on social media. This opened his path to the studios.

At the height of his brief career, he was the closing act on Sting in December 2014, thanks to his quick ascent to fame.

Bop was allegedly made homeless again near the end of his life. Social media philanthropist Donna Gowe, also known online as Aunty Donna, put out a call for help in August, asking people to help the performer who had become very unwell and had fallen on hard feet.

Gully Bop Wife: Who Is Shauna Chin?

Shauna Chin is Gully Bop’s wife, one of many women he was known to have had controversial relationships with, including Deborrah and A’mar.

Deborrah Nicholson, a Canadian lady Gully Bop met online in 2015, was his first wife. After she took a plane to Jamaica to meet him, they quickly tied the knot.

Their union, however, was short-lived as they divorced in 2016 following claims of adultery and cruelty.

According to Nicholson, Gully Bop had impregnated A’mar, another lady, and was aggressive and unfaithful to her. One person in particular stood out in the turbulent life of Gully Bop, Shauna Chin, who is now better known as Shauna Controlla.

She found him through a viral video and reached out to him, which had a significant impact on his career.

Chin became both his manager and his fiancée, which resulted in a musical partnership that yielded successes like “Everybody Want a Wuk Offa Mi.”

Nevertheless, there was a lot of drama and scandal in their relationship.

Claims of infidelity, deceit, and violence clouded relationships, leading to a physical incident in 2015 that injured Chin and resulted in Gully Bop’s apprehension.

They managed to maintain a relationship in spite of the ups and downs, eventually splitting up in 2016, though they continued to communicate in the years that followed.

Gully Bop’s wife, Shauna Chin, posted her condolences on social media when Gully Bop passed away, illustrating their complex relationship.

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