Who is Jessy Kurczewski? Wisconsin woman found guilty of fatally poisoning friend, Lynn Hernan with eye drops

This article shares information about the Wisconsin woman, Jessy Kurczewski, who poisoned her friend, Lynn Hernan.

Who is Jessy Kurczewski?

Jessy Kurczewski is a Wisconsin woman who was found guilty of poisoning her friend with eyedrops during a staged suicide and then robbing her of almost $300,000.

Murder case of Jessy Kurczewski explored

Tetrahydrozoline, the primary component of eye drops, was the lethal dose that Jessy Kurczewski, 39, gave to Lynn Hernan, 62, in order to murder her.

After setting up the scene to appear as though a suicide, she proceeded to steal nearly $300,000 by writing herself a cheque for $130,204 from the victim.

Kurczewski broke down in tears when a Waukesha County jury found her guilty on Tuesday of two counts of theft and first-degree intentional homicide. A mandatory life sentence awaits her.

“Out of greed, the defendant betrayed Lynn,” Deputy District Attorney Abbey Nickolie stated.

On October 3, 2018, Hernan was discovered dead at her Milwaukee home, with opened pill bottles all over the place. Among other medications in Hernan’s system, an autopsy revealed a lethal dose of tetrahydrozoline, an ingredient in Visine eye drops.

After years of getting to know her victim, Kurczewski’s defense attorneys claimed the victim was ‘like her daughter.’ She acknowledged giving Hernan a bottle containing six vials of eyedrops from the Visine brand, which she then drank.

Hernan had been suicidal, she said, and she was attempting to support him. Kurczewski’s credit score had severely declined months prior to the murder as a result of fully utilized credit cards.

Financial statements also disclosed a ‘fraudulent’ loan and multiple payments from the victim to the murderer.

Kurczewski, who said to the authorities that she had power of attorney, received Hernan’s entire estate. On the other hand, a cousin of the deceased woman informed them that it was peculiar that she had inherited the property.

Court case of Jessy Kurczewski

The court was informed that Kurczewski went shopping and opened accounts under Hernan’s name after completing the murder.

According to WISN, Assistant District Attorney Randy Sitzberger stated, “She didn’t spend the day worried about Lynn.”

“She knew she had just given Lynn poison, but she was opening a JC Penney account in her name and using other accounts of Lynn’s to go shopping and do some online shopping.”

At first, according to Kurczewski, investigators believed it might be a drug overdose. She told them she had been caring for Hernan, who was “acting odd.”

Kurczewski refuted all of the allegations made against her, and her legal team attempted to claim that the drugs she was taking at the time of Hernan’s death caused his death.

They said that Hernan developed suicidal thoughts and desired to give her money before she passed away.

Kurczewski’s defence lawyers argued that Hernan would have thought it “crazy” that Kurczewski had been charged with any crime.

Defence Lawyer Donna Kuchler stated, “Lynn gave Jessy money all the time because she wanted to.” “It made Jessy happy to give money.” She treated Jessy like a daughter.

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