Who is Kelsey Pumel’s Baby Daddy, Curtis Woods?

Many have shown interest in knowing more about rhe baby daddy of Tiktok star, Kelsey Pumel, Curties Woods.

Curtis Woods is the baby daddy of Kelsey Pumel. In addition to being her spouse, Curtis is a well-known TikTok parent who is well-known for his family-friendly humour. Together, they have a sizable online fan base that they share their family life and adventures with.

Who is Kelsey Pumel Baby Daddy?

Curtis Woods is the baby daddy of Kelsey Pumel. Not only is Curtis the father of her child, he is also her spouse. He’s a well-known social media celebrity and parent on TikTok, noted for his comedy that appeals to families.

The couple has a sizable and devoted online fan base thanks to their frequent collaboration on social media posts, where they share details of their daily lives and travels. Their happy journey as parents is a major component of their social media presence. They recently welcomed their youngest daughter, Krue.

Furthermore, Kelsey and Curtis are parents to three adoptive sons, and their transparency regarding their family and their son’s disability has contributed to the dismantling of stereotypes and the advancement of inclusivity and acceptance.

Curtis Woods, Kelsey Pumel’s husband, is, to put it simply, her baby daddy. In addition to being parents to their daughter Krue and their three adopted sons, they make humorous videos on TikTok. Their videos demonstrate their unwavering love and support for one another, as well as for their son who has Down syndrome.

Who is Kelsey Pumel?

Online, Kelsey Pumel enjoys a lot of popularity. She is well-known for sharing bits of her life on social media and for creating humorous TikTok videos. She is well-known for her upbeat disposition and amusing material, and she resides in the United States. Curtis Woods is Kelsey’s spouse, and the two of them frequently create films together that highlight their travels and daily lives. In addition to their three adoptive sons, they recently welcomed a new baby. Being honest about her family, Kelsey is well-known for promoting acceptance and love, particularly for their son who has Down syndrome. Kelsey is well-liked by her family and friends for her humorous family films and her friendliness.

Career of Kelsey Pumel

The main focus of Kelsey Pumel’s work is her social media presence, where she has amassed a substantial following. She gained particular notoriety on the microblogging site TikTok, where she posted everything from humorous sketches to lip-syncing performances. With more than 2 million followers as of 2023, Kelsey has amassed a sizable fan base since starting her TikTok adventure in April 2020.

Her popularity on the network has been largely attributed to her entertaining and kid-friendly videos, many of which include her spouse Curtis Woods and their kids. Apart from TikTok, Kelsey is also active on Instagram, where she publishes details about her family, everyday activities, and modelling stuff.

Along with building a devoted following, her social media adventure has made her family happy as she consistently produces endearing material and interacts with her audience through her upbeat demeanour and relevant family tales.

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