Who is Kenneth Law? Man arrested for selling chemicals online, 88 buyers died in UK

Kenneth Law has been in the news for all the negative reasons following reports that Dozens of people in the UK died after buying a poisonous substance from a seller in Canada.

Who is Kenneth Law?

Kenneth Law is a former aerospace engineer working at a high-end hotel kitchen. He is the gentleman in police custody as he is believed to have run a number of websites selling equipment to assist suicide. Kenneth Law is from Canada. He is believed to be 57 years of age.

88 Deaths Linked to Kenneth Law, What Actually Happened?

Alleged links between Kenneth Law and dozens of deaths in the United Kingdom surfaced in an undercover investigation by The Times back in April. It is alleged that Kenneth Law has been running an online sale of medications that is assisting many in committing suicide.

According to reports, The Canadian authorities believe he sent 1,200 packages to customers in more than 40 countries, though it is not known how many included the poisonous substance.

Authorities actually noticed a high rate of premature deaths in the UK but things became very suspicious when Tom Parfett, a young boy from Maidenhead who was 22 ended his own life in October 2021 after buying the chemical from Kenneth Law.

The young boy’s father couldn’t take his loss lightly and began to be very outspoken about it.

In one of his comments, he blamed the police for all the happenings. “important for families to understand what has happened and why policing worldwide allowed this scale of deaths despite clear warning signs,” he stated.

He further believed that there’s a need to close down the internet because there may be more websites out there promoting suicide.

“What can be done immediately to close down Internet sites that prey on vulnerable young people and prosecute the people who take pleasure in helping others take their own lives?” he quizzed.

He added: “We have to accept that in the modern age, people can find like-minded people to discuss even the most difficult problems…those communities are unregulated and causing a huge amount of harm.” We need to be more sensitive around the risks that people like Tom have in society through their ability to find information online that is unchallenged.”

Has Kenneth Law Been Arrested?

In April, the NCA received a great intelligence which suggested that a large number of people in the United Kingdom had bought substances to assist with suicide from Canada-based websites after Law was caught supplying a lethal poison to suicidal people via a Canadian website.

An Interpol list containing the details of at least 232 of his British customers was passed to the NCA from Canadian authorities, according to the Times, which first reported the development. Subsequent inquiries have found that 88 of those people died.

Kenneth was then arrested and charged in Canada in May with two counts of counselling or aiding suicide, after admitting to an undercover reporter that “many, many, many, many” people had died after taking the substances he sold online.


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