Who is Luna Serrano? Wisconsin Woman Arrested For Ending Her Ex-boyfriend’s Life

There must be bad blood if a woman decides to take the life of her ex-boyfriend. For Wisconsin’s Luna Serrano, she must have known that she would not get away with her heinous act. After murdering her ex-boyfriend, she got arrested, and hopefully, this serves as a deterrent to other people having such plans after their relationships do not go well as planned.

Since the incident came to light, many people have been seeking to know the details of the story, in addition to asking for more information about the identity of Luna Serrano. In this article, we are going to provide as much information as we can find about the details of her arrest, her crime, and who she is.

What Did Luna Serrano Do?

Luna Serrano allegedly killed her ex-boyfriend, which led to her arrest. Police claim that Luna Serrano texted her ex-boyfriend, “Let’s fight to the death,” before reportedly stabbing him in the skull with scissors while he was sound asleep in his cabin.

According to a statement on Facebook from the Teton County Sheriff’s Office announcing her arrest, Luna Serrano, 48, is currently being held on a number of criminal offenses, including aggravated violence, burglary, and attempted first-degree murder.

The claims against Serrano depict a crazy night for Derek Hawkes and his new girlfriend, Manju Alexander, as first published by Cowboy State Daily. Alexander told police that the noise of her boyfriend and a lady yelling at one another woke her up while she slept on the first floor of Hawkes’ Idaho cabin last week. She stated that the woman “sounded like a lunatic.”

She reportedly took Hawkes’ phone and ran outside to his truck, hiding underneath it as she called the police.

Alexander allegedly informed police that Hawkes had started gathering documentation earlier that day in order to pursue a restraining order against Serrano for breaking into his house a few days earlier. Following Luna Serrano’s arrest, Teton County Sheriff’s officials reportedly searched the house and discovered a copy of the incomplete restraining order.

Alexander was reportedly crying and terrified when police came, pointing to the area where the fighting ex-lovers were fighting. She later revealed to them that Serrano had texted Hawkes, “Let’s fight to the death,” without providing any other details. Later, Serrano allegedly told police she had sent the text to Hawkes.

Officers rushed to the scene where they allegedly saw Hawkes just wearing his underpants, holding Luna Serrano face down on the ground with her hands covering her head. She had a floodlight fastened to her forehead and was dressed in two jackets. According to authorities, one of the jackets was worn backward.

Blood was spotted covering Hawkes after the two were separated because of a laceration in his neck and chest, according to authorities. Serrano apparently had no stab wounds but was also covered in blood, had a lump on her forehead, and had bruises close to her eye.

According to East Idaho News Officers from Teton County were informed by Serrano that Hawkes and Hawkes’ landlord had evicted her from the cabin where she had been residing most recently. In addition, she insisted that she had just visited Hawkes’ home to return a debt days earlier, not to commit a break-in. However, she allegedly revealed to investigators that she had been upset during that visit after learning that Hawkes was seeing someone else at the time.

According to her claimed account of what happened, the 48-year-old lady told police that she snuck up on the cabin after parking her truck in a nearby lot about a half-mile away. Later, according to the police, marijuana and a pipe were discovered in the vehicle, and Serrano allegedly confirmed that the drugs belonged to her.

These events have made her a popular name on the internet, and people want to know who she really is. So who is Luna Serrano?

Luna Serrano: Who Is She?

She has become a popular name on the internet. Luna Serrano is in the police’s grip for allegedly killing her ex-boyfriend, Derek Hawkes. She is said to be 48 years old. Not much information is available about her online; thus, not much is known about her early life, career, parents, educational background, and siblings.

Last Monday, Serrano made her initial appearance before a magistrate judge, who set her bond at $250,000. According to the sheriff’s office, her next court date was scheduled for October 11, and if she can post bond, she will be released with an ankle monitor. Additionally, she has been told not to speak to Hawkes or Alexander.

If found guilty, Luna Serrano would be in serious trouble, as the maximum prison time for the offense of aggravated battery is 15 years. First-degree murder attempts carry the same punishment. The maximum punishment for burglary is ten years.

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