Who Is Megan Gaither? Second Teacher At Missouri High School Caught Sharing Adult Content On OnlyFans

Missouri has gained significant attention on social media after two of its female professors were found to have uploaded s3xual videos on OnlyFans. One of the professors, Brianna Coppage, who was responsible for teaching the school’s freshmen and sophomore English classes, reportedly resigned from her teaching position to focus solely on pornography after being suspended.

Another English instructor, Megan Gaither, was also found to have taken similar action a few days earlier. Gaither claims that the money she earns from her OnlyFans page helps to supplement her income as a teacher.

Who Is Megan Gaither? 

Megan Gaither is a 31-year-old English teacher who also serves as the varsity cheerleading coach at St. Clair High School. Recently, Gaither has gained media recognition due to her involvement in sharing explicit content on OnlyFans. According to reports, Gaither joined OnlyFans in May and has earned approximately $47,500, in addition to her income as a cheerleading coach.

However, following the revelation of her explicit side job, Gaither has informed reporters that she has been placed on leave. She said, “Teaching does not financially support a person. It’s really hard to stretch those paychecks during the summer. That’s why I did it,” she told the news outlet.

Why Megan Gaither Joined OnlyFans 

In an effort to reduce her significant student loan debt of more than $125,000 and supplement her income as a teacher, Megan Gaither made the decision to join the OnlyFans platform. Gaither became a member of this exclusive website in May with the goal of using her earnings to help pay off her student loans. In the previous year, she earned a total of over $47,500, which included a coaching stipend.

Additionally, Gaither was able to generate an income ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 through her efforts on OnlyFans, and she gained approximately 1,500 subscribers. To maintain a balance between her professional and personal lives, she chose not to reveal her true identity. This approach worked well for her until recently, when she unintentionally appeared in a video shared on Coppage’s account, leading to rumors circulating among students.

The video was taken during a party in a hotel room in St. Louis, and although her face was not visible in it when a picture from the event surfaced online, she was reportedly wearing the same dress.

What Next For Megan Gaither

After realizing that she would no longer pursue a teaching career, she opted to make her actions known to the public and emulate her closest companion’s approach by significantly increasing the balance in her bank account. Gaither said, “Right now, I am just hoping to make enough to support my family.” “In order to make change, you have to make noise, and I think that is what Brianna did.”

She added, “And I think that’s what maybe I’m getting ready to do—make noise about how unfair teacher pay can be.” Currently, Gaither’s account has been restored. Before June, Gaither and Coppage, who are both respected English professors, were unaware that their lives were coinciding. Following Gaither’s casual remark at the “Teacher’s Night” event at Busch Stadium, their connection deepened. Gaither confirms that they are now the closest of friends.


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