Who Is mickey Ablan Wife, Janna Dominguez ?

On March 11, 1990, Jamie Ann Quisumbing Angeles, now known by her stage name Janna Dominguez, was born in the Philippines.

Who is Janna Dominguez?

She has established a reputable name for herself as a multidimensional Filipino performer who is skilled in comedy, hosting, and acting. Her performance as Maria in the well-liked program “Pepito Manaloto” stands out among her many successes.

Janna Dominguez career explored

The beginning of Janna Dominguez’s career in the entertainment industry was her work as a co-host on the television show “Wowowee.” She also entered the reality television scene by taking part in “Pinoy Fear Factor.”

In the beginning of her career, Dominguez was a cherished member of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic, a prestigious group of local artists.

She made a crucial professional choice, nevertheless, by deciding not to extend her contract with ABS-CBN and instead joining their competitor network, GMA Network.

She signed an exclusive contract with GMA Network in 2010, where she took on a variety of roles. She started hosting and appearing on a regular basis on the program “I Laugh Sabado,” which was shown on the network’s sister channel. Q.

Dominguez has made special appearances as a co-host on “Take Me Out,” further establishing her GMA Network popularity.

In the same year, 2010, Janna Dominguez joined the cast of the sitcom “Pepito Manaloto,” where she portrayed Maria, one of the Manaloto family’s housemaids.

Her performance in this show increased her notoriety and won her admiration from the audience.

Dominguez’s abilities went beyond sitcoms, as she joined the cast of “Endless Love.” Originally set to star in “Bakit Kay Tagal ng Sandali?,” a Sine Novela episode, fate had other plans for this production, and it was shelved.

Janna Dominguez has continuously displayed her versatility and unshakable dedication to the entertainment industry throughout her distinguished career.

She now enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a highly accomplished actress, a charming host, and a talented comic within the vibrant Filipino television industry.

Janna Dominguez and Family

Mickey Ablan is married to actress Janna Dominguez. Their three children are named Yzabel Ablan, Caely Ablan, Gabby Ablan, and Leon Ablan; two of them were born to them both, and the third was born to the husband.

Actress Janna Dominguez, who played Yzabel Ablan in Manaloto, has confirmed the death of her stepdaughter. Yzabel is her partner Mickey Ablan’s daughter, yet she is regarded as her own blood.

Along with the announcement, Janna shared a picture of Yzabel and information about her wake on Instagram. She sent her sincere sympathies and commended Yzabel for her influence on several lives.

The wake for her will take place at La Pieta Funeral Homes in Angeles, Pampanga, from October 8 to October 12.

Mickey Ablan and Janna Dominguez had a daughter named Yzabel Ablan, who brought joy to many people. Even though they weren’t biologically linked to Janna, they shared a special and close mother-daughter bond.

Micael and Julliann, Yzabel’s other two sisters, were extraordinarily close with one another. Yzabel Ablan was a 20-year-old woman when she passed away.


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