Who is Morgan Lund ? Woman who claims to have stabbed ex-boyfriend while dreaming ?

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Morgan Lud has been in the news and facing court charges over an alleged stabbing incident. But how well do you know her? In this article, we will take a deep look into whom exactly Morgan Lund is and what exactly happened with her ex boyfriend. 

Who is Morgan Lund ?

Morgan Lund was born in the year 2002, She is 21 years of age as of 2023. She hails from Wisconsin, United States of America.

Morgan went Viral after she was accused of Stabbing her Ex Boyfriend 19 times but according to reports, She claimed she was having a dream when he stabbed his ex Boyfriend.

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Morgan has been dating his yet to be identified Ex Boyfriend for sometime now and they had a child together.

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According to Criminal Complaints filed against her, Police arrived at the couple’s Oshkosh home just before 8 a.m. only to find a Morgan Lund crying covered in blood and applying pressure to the victim’s wounds.

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The reports continue that Morgan claims she saw a dark Non Human Figure and allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and began trying to kill  the figure, but was, in reality, attacking her ex-boyfriend.

She is currently being held on $250,000 bond on a charge of attempted first-degree intentional homicide and a psychiatric evaluation was ordered for her.


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