Who is Nathan Millard wife, Amber Millard

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Nathan Millard is a Georgia man who’d gone missing in Baton Rouge only to be found dead on Monday, March 6, 2023.

Nathan Millard age

He was 42 years old when he died.

What happened to Nathan Millard?

Millard was found three miles from where he’d gone missing roughly two weeks ago in Baton Rouge. “We deployed many resources and are still investigating,” Baton Rouge Police said in a Tuesday evening update.

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Authorities said they were able to track Millard’s whereabouts using surveillance video at several different businesses throughout the Baton Rouge area. “We discovered that he went to the Greyhound bus station. At the bus station, he was actually offered help by a security guard at that location, which he declined,”

Captain Kevin Hines with Baton Rouge Police Department’s SVU Unit said. “The security guard offered to call him a ride, offered to get him a Uber, to call the police for him. He didn’t appear to be in distress, she just felt as though he was out of place. He declined that offer and he left of his own accord.”

Nathan Millard autopsy

The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office issued a brief statement on Tuesday stating that there was “no evidence of internal or external trauma observed” based on the early findings of Millard’s autopsy.

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“Final autopsy results pending further studies including toxicology testing,” the coroner’s office release said. “Cause of Death and Manner of Death are pending completion of the final autopsy report.”

Nathan Millard cause of death

The police are still investigating. The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office said preliminary results from Millard’s autopsy showed, “No evidence of internal or external trauma noted.”

Nathan Millard wife

His wife’s name is Amber Millard. Amber spoke to 11Alive after an investigation was opened into his disappearance. “He’s a loved man, a great man and we need him, we want him home,” she had said.

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