Who is Patrick McHenry Wife, Giulia Cangiano?

Giulia Cangiano is Patrick McHenry’s wife, but what do you know about her? Patrick Timothy McHenry, born on October 22, 1975, is an American politician who has represented the towns of Hickory and Mooresville in North Carolina’s 10th congressional district since 2005. With calls for him to become a temporary House speaker, does his wife support this?

In this article, we are going to discuss who Giulia Cangiano, Patrick McHenry’s wife, is. In addition to letting you know more about his wife, we will also explore his career in politics and how he has made his way to the top.

Patrick McHenry Receiving Supports to be Temporary House Speaker

As America searches for a new House speaker, Patrick McHenry has emerged as someone many people have put their support behind to become a temporary House speaker as the search continues.

Since Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California was removed from office by a tiny group of right-wing Republicans, the House has been without a speaker for the past two weeks.

Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid for House speaker appeared to be in jeopardy on Wednesday, but an increasing number of Democrats and Republicans were uniting behind a plan to formally elect Rep. Patrick McHenry speaker pro tempore in order to free up Congress to carry out its fundamental duties.

Jordan has resisted the proposal, having now lost two straight House votes to become speaker.

When asked if he supports the calls for Patrick to become a temporary speaker, Jim Jordan said, “I don’t think that’s the right way to go.” Does Patrick McHenry’s wife support the calls?

On Tuesday, Jordan was defeated in his first attempt to become speaker by 20 Republicans and every Democratic vote. In a rerun on Wednesday afternoon, he was defeated by an even greater margin, with 22 Republicans voting against him.

Since GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California was removed from office two weeks ago, the House has been without a speaker due to the actions of a small group of right-wing Republicans.

The deadline for Congress to draft and approve a budget package is November 17 in order to prevent a government shutdown.

Who is Patrick McHenry?

Who is Patrick McHenry Wife, Giulia Cangiano?
Patrick McHenry

Before we learn about who Patrick McHenry’s wife, Giulia Cangiano, is, let’s learn more about the politician.

North Carolina’s Gastonia is the birthplace of McHenry. Being the son of the Dixie Lawn Care Company owner, he grew up in the suburban Gastonia area and went to Ashbrook High School. He was the youngest of five children and a devout Roman Catholic.

Prior to enrolling at Belmont Abbey College, McHenry attended North Carolina State University. He established the College Republican chapter at Belmont and went on to become treasurer of the College Republican National Committee and chair of the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans.

When McHenry was a junior in college, he entered the 1998 North Carolina House of Representatives election. Though he lost the general election, he prevailed in the Republican primary.

McHenry worked for the Washington, D.C.-based media consulting company DCI/New Media following the completion of his B.A. in history in 1999. He worked on Rick Lazio’s campaign in the 2000 New York United States Senate race; his primary initiative was managing the website NotHillary.com.

He was awarded an honorary M.B.A. in entrepreneurship in 2012 by Yorktown University, which has since dissolved.

McHenry was appointed national coalition director for George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign by Karl Rove in the middle of 2000. He worked as a volunteer organizer for Bush’s inaugural committee in late 2000 and early 2001.

Following a six-month tenure in 2001 as Elaine Chao’s special assistant to the US Secretary of Labor, McHenry returned to her home state of North Carolina and successfully ran for the General Assembly in the 2002 election.

During the 2003–04 session, McHenry, a resident of Denver, North Carolina, served as the state’s representative for the 109th House district, which includes residents of Gaston County. He served on the Appropriations Committee of the House.

Giulia Cangiano: Who Is Patrick McHenry Wife?

Giulia Cangiano is Patrick Mchenry’s wife. They have been married since 2010, and their marriage has been blessed with three children. Denver, North Carolina, is where the family resides. Two daughters, Cecelia Rose and Therese Anne, and a son, Peregrine Callan, are the three children of the couple.

Giulia Cangiano McHenry is the head of the Federal Communications Commission’s Office of Economics and Analytics. Since December 2018, she has been in this role.

Guilia graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University in 2001, prior to taking a job with the FCC. 2009 saw her graduate from the University of Maryland with a doctorate in economics.

Patrick McHenry’s wife, Giulia Cangiano, joined NERA Economic Consulting as a research analyst after receiving her degree. After that, she spent five years working as a senior associate for The Brattle Group.

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