Who Is Paul Thijssen? ‘Arrogant’ Hockey Coach Suspected Of Murdering Lilie James

Find out who Paul Thijssen is, the ‘Arrogant’ hockey coach who is suspected of murdering Lilie James, his colleague in school.

An ex-student claims that a hockey coach who is wanted for interrogation in connection with the murder of a young female water polo instructor was an “arrogant” person who was admired by girls but despised by boys.

Who is Paul Thisjssen?

Police have launched a manhunt for Paul Thijssen, 24, after the body of Lilie James, 21, was discovered on Thursday morning in the school’s gymnasium at St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney’s central business district.

According to people close to Ms. James, the two had been having a “secret relationship” for a few weeks.

It is believed that Thijssen met Ms. James on the school premises on Wednesday night before her horrifyingly injured body was discovered at around midnight. Police are currently looking into the school’s CCTV video.

Due to business obligations, Thijssen’s parents, who are worldly corporate leaders, have been travelling back and forth between Australia and the Netherlands in recent years.

Hockey lessons were given by Thijssen to St Andrews students. After relocating to Sydney with his family during his senior year from the Netherlands, he attended the school for Years 10 through 12.

Wearing the signature grey trousers and navy blazer of the CBD school, he looks cheerful in a single 2017 photo. The description for the picture read, “Awesome photo of the guys after graduation.”

According to a former classmate who attended the same school as Mr. Thijssen, he was a gifted hockey player who exuded confidence and competitiveness.

‘He was pretty passionate about the sport,’ the student said. 

‘I didn’t really speak to him off the field but I know people who had a really positive and really negative view of him.’

He said the majority of people with negative opinions were male, but ‘some of the girls held him in a positive light’. 

I don’t know what experiences people had with him that formed their opinion, but I know that when we’d talk about the training session or whatever, people would either talk badly about him or talk him up.’

Police investigate murder case

Around ten in the morning, police were seen checking a bin, loading everything into brown evidence bags, and towing away a silver Lexus. Among the items they packed into the bags was what looked to be an Apple AirPod set.

A post-mortem examination will be used to determine Ms. James’ cause of death, but due to the severity of her injuries, authorities have immediately classified it as a homicide.

It was “a very sad time for family, school staff, and students,” according to Superintendent Fileman.

He called on ‘anyone who may have knowledge about this homicide’ to get in touch with Crimestoppers or the police. There was no cause to suspect that anyone else was connected.

Before dawn, a police aircraft had been circling the region between Watsons Bay’s The Gap and Diamond Bay reserve at the Vaucluse search.

At the reserve, police discovered ‘one object linked to the homicide’ in addition to some of Thijsenn’s items. It was not entirely clear what this was.

Marine Area Command kept patrolling the coastline until just after nine in the morning, at which point a police rescue helicopter arrived in case there was a body to be recovered.

Additionally, a trash can that is thought to be important to the investigation has been shielded from the early morning rain by a canopy and fastened with police tape. All day long, investigations will be conducted.

Who is Lillie James?

21-year-old Lilie James enjoyed sports and dance. She coached water polo and taught dance to help support herself while attending college. According to friends, she had aspirations of becoming a sports scientist and starting her own company in the future.

Despite her busy schedule, she always made time for her loved ones. One of her close school friends described her as the kindest person. “We’re completely devastated. For all of us, it’s so uncooked.

James was mentoring children at Sydney’s St Andrew’s Cathedral School, a high-rise Anglican school next to Town Hall, on Wednesday afternoon. Emergency personnel discovered her lifeless and suffering from severe head wounds in the school gymnasium late that evening.

The scene was deemed confronting by the police. Officials from the police who are not permitted to discuss the investigation have suggested that the wounds were inflicted by a hammer.

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