Who is Paula Clemons ? Keefe D’s wife’s home raided by police in connection to Tupac’s Death

Paula Clemons has gained massive attention with many trying to know about her after news hit online that Keefe D’s wife’s home raided by police in connection to Tupac’s Death. 

On Wednesday July 19, the internet has been met with reactions after it came out that a house was raid in connection with the infamous murder of legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur that took place back in 1997. 

Reports later stated that the house which was situated at Maple Shade Street belongs to Paula Clemons who happens to be the wife of Keefe D. 

If you are wondering who Keefe D is, he American member of the California based gang known as The South Side Compton Crips. Davis, a childhood friend of legendary N.W.A. frontman Eazy-E, is alleged to have been involved in the murder of Tupac Shakur.

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During the early ’90s, Davis built a friendly relationship with Sean “Diddy” Combs. Davis claims that in 1996, Diddy placed a $1 Million hit on Tupac and Suge Knight that eventually resulted in Tupac being fatally wounded in Las Vegas later that same year.

Detective Tim Brennan from Compton, California filed an affidavit naming Davis and his nephew Orlando Anderson as suspects, although fans and others have speculated as to their involvement in the killing.

Neither have ever been charged with the murder; Anderson was killed in a gang-related shootout in 1998.


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