Who Is Queen Elizabeth II Favorite Child?

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The former British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II had four successful children. Three of them are males and only one female. Their names are; King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and finally Prince Edward.

Prince Edward is the last born of the family. Among all her four children, she can’t love both of them equivalently; she’s human too. Without being picky, it is explicitly stated that Queen Elizabeth II was fond of Prince Andrew than the rest of her children according to the royal biographer.

However, this doesn’t mean that she hate or dislike the rest of them but Prince Andrew was the one she loved the most despite King Charles III being the heir to the throne of Britain.

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Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and her children

Who Are Queen Elizabeth II Children?

The late British monach, Queen Elizabeth II is recorded to have four successful children withb3hr late husband, Prince Charles who passed away a year ago. Her children’s names are King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Price Edward. After the detah of the queen, King Charles is said to have succeeded the throne of Britain.

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Which of Queen Elizabeth II Children Was Not Close To Her?

Out of the children of the former British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, it is reported that Princess Anne is one of them who wasn’t very close to her mother. However, the royal biographer also disclosed that Prince Andrew is also one who was very close and loved by the former monach.

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Who is Queen Elizabeth II Favorite Child

According to the royal biographer, the former queen Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II had a favourite child out of the four children of hers. Even though, King Charles III was the heir to the throne but Prince Andrew was her favourite child.

Queen Elizabeth II Children And Their Titles

All children of Queen Elizabeth II have titles added to their names. These titled are used to describe their duties and show how special they are.

  • King Charles III
  • Prince Edward – The Earl of Wessex
  • Princess Anne – The Princess Royal
  • Prince Andrew – The Duke of York
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