Who is Ranin Karim? All You Need To Know About Carl Lentz’s Infidelity

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Ranin Karim attained the spotlight following her affair with former Hillsong Pastor, Carl Lentz which also led to the pastor being kicked out of the Christian organization.

The ex celebrity pastor initially hid his affair from his wife for several months but her wife discovered a steamy message of Carl Lentz which she suspected the infidelity.

In this post, we will discuss everything about Ranin Karim and everything about her affair with former Hillsong Pastor, Carl Lentz.

Ranin Karim
Ranin Karim

Who is Ranin Karim?

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Ranin Karim is a designer of accessories and fashion who lives in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America.

Before the meeting, Carl Lentz, Ranin Karim had already married and divorced but the former pastor was still married to his wife when the affair happened in May 2020.

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During the coronavirus lockdown, Ranin Karim met Carl Lentz at Domino Park in Brooklyn. Recounting their relationship she was searching for a place to sit at the park when Lentz suggested that she join him where he was sitting.

After joining him, they kickstarted a conversation and she noted that Carl Lentz told her not to Google him adding that his job is was to manage celebrities and not a pastor as everyone knows.

Ranin Karim’s interview on Good Morning American

Ranin Karim had an interview on Good Morning American to speak about the affair after Carl Lentz was relieved of his duties from Hillsong due to the infidelity.

According to her, when she met Carl Lentz she discovered several red flags but still went on to have an affair with the married pastor.

She emphasized that she later allegedly confronted him about who he was after finding out she asked him whether he is having issues in his marriage and Carl Lentz said no.

Ranin Karim explained that their affair went on for six months before Carl Lentz’s wife, Laura discovered their message.

According to reports, Laura uncovered the message because it was connected to his work computer at the church office and it also allegedly had naughty photos.

Carl Lentz fired from Hillsong

Following the act of infidelity, Hillsong fired him for moral failures. The founder and pastor of Hillsong, Brian Houston announced to the church members on November 4th that Carl Lentz’s employment had been terminated

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