Who Is Rugh James Cline, Florida Attorney Deported To The US?

Rugh James Cline is not having it easy now, and it is not the making of anyone but what could be said of himself.

After years in a Cambodian prison, the Florida attorney was deported back to the United States to face further charges for his alleged crimes, but what has he done?

What is known about Rugh James Cline, the Florida Attorney deported to the US?

In this article, we are going to attempt to find as much information as we can for you to get to know just who he is and what his alleged crimes are.

Rugh James Cline, 42, is now being held under house arrest in his Tampa home.

The Department of Justice indicted him in February 2021.

He is charged with five counts of participating in criminal sexual behavior in a foreign country and one count of possessing materials for child exploitation.

After serving 2.5 years in a Cambodian prison for sexually abusing four children, the Florida lawyer was deported back to the United States; he now faces 170 years in prison if convicted of child sex offenses in the United States.

Who Is Rugh James Cline?

Rugh James Cline has been in the news for the wrong reasons as he was charged with sexually abusing four children and has been in a Cambodian prison for some time now.

He has now been deported to his home country to face his fate for the crimes he allegedly committed.

Rugh James Cline, 42, was indicted by the Department of Justice in February 2021, two years after his imprisonment in Cambodia.

He is currently under house arrest at his residence in Tampa.

Details about his early life and career beginnings are scanty at the moment.

What Were His Crimes?

Who Is Rugh James Cline, Florida Attorney Deported To The US?
Who Is Rugh James Cline

What crimes is Rugh James Cline being charged with? What are the details? Find the details in this section of the article.

He is charged with five counts of having illicit sexual relations overseas and one count of possessing materials for child exploitation, according to the DOJ.

The attorney is accused of visiting Cambodia between February and May of this year and bribing four youngsters, all under the age of 15, to commit multiple sexual assaults.

On June 7, Rugh James Cline appeared in court for the first time in Tampa and pleaded not guilty to the charges leveled against him.

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Given the gravity of his alleged crimes, Cline was released on a $100,000 bond last Monday with the condition that he be held in 24-hour home detention with GPS monitoring.

According to the DOJ, he is not allowed to use the internet or engage with children while in home confinement.

If convicted, Cline faces up to 30 years in federal prison for each count of engaging in unrestricted sexual activity overseas, plus an additional 20 years for possessing child pornography.

Despite graduating from the University of Miami School of Law in 2010, Cline has been barred from practicing law in Florida due to “delinquent fees,” according to The Florida Bar.

It is unknown when he last practiced law in Florida, however the Florida Bar claimed in 2021 that the charges stemming from his behavior in Cambodia did not “affect his ability to practice law.”

Ruhj James Cline was discovered by Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), a non-governmental organization that investigates suspected foreign pedophiles in Cambodia after the victims notified Cambodian law enforcement that the lawyer had given $120 to each of them for the countless acts of abuse, WFLA reported back in 2019.

After being found guilty of paying to abuse teenage ladies in 2021, the disgraced lawyer was sentenced to two and a half years in a Cambodian prison.

He paid $3,750 in compensation and a $200 court fine to all of the victims who were under the age of 15 at the time of the assault.


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