Who is Sam Suleiman? Intensive care nurse poses with Hamas-praising tattoo at Norwegian hospital

Sam Suleiman, an intensive care unit nurse at Aalesund Hospital in Norway, was recently photographed proudly displaying a tattoo that pays tribute to Hamas and commemorates the massacre on October 7. The accompanying message reads, “Fantastic day.”

He hopes that his fellow Hamas comrades will liberate Palestine from what he considers Zionist oppressors. According to sources close to Suleiman, he feels no remorse for the photograph or the tattoo and considers it a symbol of his identity and resistance against the Israeli occupation. He has also expressed his indifference towards any potential negative legal or professional consequences resulting from his actions, demonstrating his readiness to face them.

Who Is Sam Suleiman? 

Since 2019, Suleiman, a 32-year-old Palestinian who was raised in Norway, has worked as a nurse at Aalesund Hospital. In addition to having two children and a master’s degree in nursing from the University of Oslo, his Facebook profile states that he is married. Sam Suleiman has expressed his admiration for Hamas and its leaders on social media. In other videos that he has posted, Hamas fighters are shown firing missiles at Israel, and he calls them “heroes.”

Intensive care nurse poses with Hamas-praising tattoo at Norwegian hospital

Suleiman shared a picture of himself with his left arm visible on his Instagram account on October 31, 2023, while sporting a medical mask and gloves. The Arabic word “Hamas” is emblazoned on Sam Suleiman’s arm, along with the date “7/10/2000” and a picture of a bomb with a fuse.

The October 7th Massacre, commonly known as the Al-Aqsa Intifada, is clearly mentioned in the tattoo. It was started when Ariel Sharon, the leader of the Israeli opposition at the time, visited the Temple Mount, a place of great significance to both Muslims and Jews.

“Proud to be Palestinian” and “Long live Hamas” were written as the photo’s captions. Other hashtags that were featured were “#FreePalestine,” “#Resistance,” “#JerusalemlsOurs,” and “#DeathTolsrael.” The picture quickly became popular on different social media channels, receiving a significant number of likes, comments, and shares from Suleiman’s followers and other supporters of the Palestinian cause.

What Has Aalesund Hospital Said So Far? 

A statement expressing “shock” and “dismay” over Suleiman’s photo was also released by the Aalesund Hospital. Suleiman’s employment has been halted while the investigation’s results are being ascertained, according to hospital director Lars Håvard Nordby.

Suleiman, he added, had transgressed the hospital’s ideals and code of conduct, which call for respect for diversity and human dignity. He expressed regret to the general public and the Jewish community in particular for Suleiman’s acts. Suleiman’s photo sparked outrage and sorrow within Norway’s Jewish community as well.

Criticism From People

Sam Suleiman’s tattoo sparked widespread criticism and condemnation from many people who viewed it as a glorification of terrorism and an insult to the victims of the October 7th Massacre. Numerous comments on his Instagram post labeled him as a “murderer,” “traitor,” “Nazi,” and “disgrace to humanity.” Furthermore, some questioned his ability to provide care as a nurse, given his apparent animosity and lack of moral principles.


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