Who Is Sascha Jovanovic? ‘tenant From Hell’ Elizabeth Hirschhorn Airbnb Host Now Can’t Get Rid Of Guest

Sascha Jovanovic is an LA-based dental practitioner. According to reports, he rented out his guesthouse without having a certificate of occupancy or a permit to build a shower. Jovanovic rented out his guesthouse to Elizabeth Hirschhorn for six months at $105 per night, spending $20,793 in total.

However, 5 months later, Jovanic offered to put Hirschhorn up in a hotel while a contractor made some repairs. Elizabeth declined and preferred to stay. It led to an argument until Elizabeth’s date March 19, 2022, for her eviction however, an agreement was reached between the parties to extend the occupancy until April 12, 2022, while Hirschhorn continued her search for a suitable dwelling

Who Is Sascha Jovanovic?

As already revealed, Jovanovic is an LA-based dental practitioner. He is trying to evict a woman from his rented guesthouse. However, based on the rules of renting, he has no legal rights.

Media reports continue to reveal that, Hirschhorn ceased Elizabeth Hirschhorn’s rent payments and simultaneously raised concerns with the Department of Building and Safety, highlighting two significant violations: the absence of official occupancy authorization and the presence of an unpermitted shower facility, according to the Times.

The municipal authority, in a judgment, deemed Jovanovic’s actions as non-compliant with city codes, thereby requiring the revocation of eviction notices until compliance was demonstrated. Intriguingly, Hirschhorn adamantly denied Jovanovic access to the property, asserting her rights in the process.

Furthermore, her prolonged residence of over six months qualified her for the protections under LA’s Just Cause Ordinance, necessitating landlords to furnish valid grounds for eviction, failing which, they are obligated to provide financial assistance for relocation, as outlined in the Times.

Moreover, the municipal authority determined that the property fell within the ambit of LA’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, affording Hirschhorn robust legal safeguards, an aspect meticulously detailed by the Times.

In response to these legal complexities, Jovanovic, accompanied by his legal representative, Sebastian Rucci, initiated legal proceedings on two fronts: a monetary claim seeking reimbursement for unpaid rent and a formal complaint for an unlawful detainer to facilitate eviction, chronicled extensively in the Times.

However, the judge dismissed the eviction complaint, a decision currently under appeal by Jovanovic’s legal team. Rucci, articulating his perspective, described Hirschhorn as an exceedingly problematic tenant, contending that she was attempting to exploit legal ambiguities, allowing her to perpetually reside rent-free if a property lacked the requisite approvals.

In contrast, Hirschhorn’s legal counsel, Colin Walshok, vehemently accused Jovanovic of leasing out an unauthorized dwelling, thereby violating the law. Walshok asserted that instead of rectifying his transgressions, Jovanovic resorted to intimidation, harassment, and the filing of unwarranted lawsuits replete with fabrications.

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