Who Is Shaka Hislop Wife, Desha Hislop?

At the moment, he is said reported to have gained consciousness, but the 54 years old collapsed on air while on duty for a preseason game for ESPN. The incident made headlines and many people got concerned. You can imagine how scared Shaka Hislop wife and children were. Who is Desha Hislop?

In this article, we are going to talk about who the former goalkeeper’s wife is and also give you the details of the incident that got a lot of people concerned.

What happened to Shaka Hislop?

Shaka Hislop, a former goalkeeper for the Premier League, passed out during the live broadcast of AC Milan and Real Madrid’s friendly match on Sunday in Pasadena, California.

On the touchline and among the audience, the 54-year-old started to sway before collapsing into his ESPN broadcast colleague, Dan Thomas.

After Hislop’s fall, ESPN abruptly went on a break. Hislop was ‘conscious’ and being evaluated by medical personnel on the field, the network later informed viewers.

The news of his consciousness will definitely excite Shaka Hislop wife and any other people that were concerned about his health at the time.

‘My mate, Shaka, not here, but as it stands, it’s good news,’ a visibly relieved Thomas told viewers at half-time. ‘He’s conscious, he’s talking, I think he’s a little embarrassed about it all. He’s apologised profusely. Not a man who likes people to make a fuss of him.

‘Obviously far too early to make any sort of diagnosis, but the important thing is, that Shaka’s conscious and we spoke to his family as well because you imagine seeing that happen live.

‘We spoke to his wife and things are looking OK,’ Thomas concluded.

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Who is Hislop?

Shaka Hislop
Shaka Hislop

Before we talk about who Shaka Hislop wife, Desha Hislop is, let’s get to know more about him.

Hislop represented Newcastle and Portsmouth in addition to Reading and West Ham on more than 100 occasions throughout his playing career.

After retiring in 2007, he transitioned to television.

Born in England back in 1969, Hislop made a notable impact on Trinidad and Tobago’s national football team.

Commencing his professional career with Reading in 1992, he eventually concluded it while playing for FC Dallas in the MLS.

During the 1995-96 season, Hislop was a key player for Newcastle, who fiercely contested the title against Manchester United.

In the initial part of the season, he was a regular starter until an unfortunate injury in December forced him to be replaced by Pavel Srnicek.

The Magpies lost their 12-point lead, allowing United to clinch the title on the final day.

His career also included two distinct stints at West Ham from 1998 to 2002 and 2005 to 2006, separated by his crucial role in helping Portsmouth secure promotion to the Premier League.

Notably, Hislop’s final match for West Ham was the memorable FA Cup final against Liverpool, where the Reds made an impressive comeback from being 3-1 down, thanks in part to Steven Gerrard’s inspired performance. The match eventually went to penalties.

Desha Hislop: Who Is Shaka Hislop Wife?

Desha Hislop, who hails from the beautiful Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, is Shaka Hislop wife. She has been very supportive of her husband.

At a young age, Desha gained a great admiration for various civilizations, arts, and ways of living.

According to her LinkedIn page, she moved to Washington, D.C., after completing her education, to attend Howard University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Marketing.

Desha and her husband spent the following 14 years residing in different regions of England, including Newcastle, Southampton, Essex, and London.


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