Who Is Shilpa Shah? British Climber Falls To Her Death, Guide Trying To Save Her Dragged To His Doom 

Shilpa Shah, a British climber, fell to her death after slipping while descending Africa’s second-highest mountain, Mount Kenya. Her guide, who tried to save her, also lost his life.

It’s a sad moment for the families of the two, as their adventures led them to their graves. A sad moment indeed!

Since the news broke, people have been searching for information about the victims, and Shilpa Shah is the name that has been mentioned a lot of times online. So who is she? What really happened to her? We will learn more as this article continues, but this is really a sad moment for the victims, and their families must be very sad at the moment.

Shilpa Shah Dies After ‘slipping on ice’ on Mount Kenya

In damp weather on Friday, Shilpa Shah, 60, of London, is said to have had trouble navigating a “slippery slope” on her way back from one of the mountain’s peaks.

It is reported that her guide, Kelvin Muriuki Mwithi, hurried to her assistance to try and keep her from falling.

Tragically, both met their demise. According to The Sun, they dropped several hundred meters in a steep section on a well-traveled path that descended from Point Lenana, the third-highest summit on the mountain.

Mount Kenya, at approximately 5,200 meters (17,050 feet) above sea level, is Africa’s second-highest peak, after Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

It is reported that Shilpa Shah led a party of eight women on a climb to Point Lenana.

Enthusiastic climber Robert Kamaru honored the group’s guide, who died attempting to save Shilpa Shah, on social media.

“My friend has rested,” wrote Mr. Kamaru. “Our hearts are broken.

“May his soul transition to the afterlife peacefully. May his selflessness inspire us to live fully, dedicating our lives to the service of humanity.

“Kevin, a renowned Mount Kenya guide, passed away on [Friday, October 20] while assisting a hiker on a slippery slope. Both slid down the ridge and perished. The hiker is identified as Shilpa Shah, a UK national.”

“Our prayers go out to both families during this difficult time of mourning and beyond.

“Kevin leaves behind a young family (wife and toddler). We are joining hands to support the family in various ways.

“Go well, Kevin. Continue smiling gracefully in the afterlife.”

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “We are supporting the family of a British woman who has died in Kenya and are in contact with local authorities”.

Who Was Shilpa Shah?

Shilpa Shah was a British climber. She lost her life after slipping while descending Africa’s second-highest mountain, Mount Kenya. She was 60 years old at the time of her sad death.

The Naro Moru route, which claimed the lives of Shilpa Shah and Kelvin, is not regarded as an especially difficult one and does not require much technical climbing experience to accomplish.

However, October occurs during East Africa’s brief rainy season, and portions of the Naro Moru path may become more challenging when it rains and turns some of the routes muddy or slick when the water freezes over.

The climbing group encountered significant snowfall and wide ice patches during the deadly descent on Thursday.

Mount Kenya, which is home to about 11 glaciers while being only a few miles from the equator, provides rock and ice climbing that is a different kind of difficulty from the popular Mount Kilimanjaro.

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