Who Is Snow Lopes, Lisa Lopes’ Daughter?

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Who Is Snow Lopes?

Snow Lopes is the adopted daughter of Lisa Lopes popularly known as Left Eye, a well-known American hip-hop artist, rapper, and record producer. She was adopted when she was a child. Snow Lopes was only eight years old when she was adopted by Lisa Lopes and Andre Rison. Sadly, her mother was killed in a terrible vehicle accident.

Even though Left Eye is still known, her legacy continues thanks to the humanitarian group “Lisa Lopes Foundation.” Like her mother, Snow is passionate about helping others and is interested in social work. She aspires to be a producer and a vocalist as well.


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Snow Lopes was born on 28th April, 1993 in the United States of America in a Christian middle-class family. Her biological mother is Lisa Lopes, whose true identity has not been made public. Her mother was having a hard time raising Snow because of her mother’s financial situation.

Therefore, Lisa promised to help her and started taking care of Snow. Snow Lopes was finally adopted by Lisa and her former partner Andre Rison when she was eight years old.

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Who Is Lisa Lopes?

Lisa Lopes
Lisa Lopes

Lisa Lopes is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, musician, and dancer. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America on May 27, 1971.

She was of Mexican, American, African, and Portuguese ancestry and was originally from Cape Verde. Her mother worked as a seamstress, while her father served in the US Army as a Staff Sergeant.

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Lopes attributes her introduction to music to her father Ronald, an Army staff sergeant who encouraged her music and allegedly beat her. Ronald passed away in 1991.) She recently looked after Snow, an 8-year-old friend’s child who was having financial difficulties.


How Old Is Snow Lopes?

The famous American celebrity is 30 years of age as of 2022. She was born on 28th April, 1993 in the United States of America. She used to celebrate her birthday together with her friends and family on the 28th day of every month of April.


Who Raised Snow Lopes?

Snow Lopes was raised by her mother, Lisa Lopes, a well-known American hip-hop artist, rapper, and record producer. She had a great childhood but just like most adopted children, there were some ups and downs. Regardless of what she went through, she is well known now as the daughter of the famous Lisa Lopes.

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Snow Lopes Instagram

The famous daughter of Lisa Lopes has a total number of 809 followers on her Instagram while she follows only 169 users on the social media platform. She is on Instagram with the name @snowlopesgcu.


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