Who is Sue Young? Explore details of attack on family on New York City subway in possible hate crime

Sue Young is one of the three girls who were filmed screaming and cursing at a family on the New York City subway in a possible hate crime in Greenwich Village.

The three girls’ mother and the guy who recorded the video were both attacked by one of the daughters. The Hate Crimes Task Force of the NYPD is looking into it. Sue Young claims she has no regrets about her actions on the F train.

Who is Sue Young?

Sue Young is obviously the ringleader in the unwarranted attack on a family on the New York City subway in a possible hate crime in Greenwich Village. To make matters worse, she said she has no regrets over the attack, which has received widespread condemnation online.

The family, who were guests from Reno, can be seen on a cellphone camera sitting on the left with a group of teenagers just across from them. Young claims that the trio began to giggle and point at them. She joined in the laughter in an effort to diffuse the situation.

“Their demeanor completely changed and that’s when the F-bombs and threats started,” Young added.

Heated words were exchanged between all. You can hear Young’s husband calling the teens ‘uneducated.’

As Joanna Lin was taking the video, one of the girls, who police are now looking for, assaulted her three separate times.

“She darted over, took me by the hair, threw me on the ground, and started punching me,” Lin said.

Young stood up and said one girl got her in the face. Police are now looking to talk to the girl.

“I pushed her out of my face, that’s when the girl who had attacked Joanna started attacking me. The girl in the white shirt and I were both pulling her hair,” Young said.

At one point, before it got physical, the train was stopped with the doors open. Young said she didn’t want to get off – instead, she wanted to talk it out with the girls, she said.

“I had to defend who I was as a person. I don’t back down from words like that,” she says.

The woman was left with bruising and swelling to her head.

One of the women made an anti-Asian statement, according to the police. Lin, the witness who captured the footage, told PIX11 News that one of the suspects struck her three times in the head during the altercation.

“When I started to film, one of the teens decked me in the head. I know martial arts, so I knew how to deflect to take the blow and I called 911,” Lin said.

Young told PIX11 News she wants to thank the bystanders in the subway car who formed a human shield to protect her family from the attacks.

Once the train pulled into the Broadway-Lafayette Street station, police said the three suspects fled. Both Lin and Young said they hope they are caught and can get help.

“I want them to be caught, but I don’t want this to ruin their life so they can’t get a job,” Young said.

“I really hope that whatever makes them that angry; they can get help for it,” Lin said.


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