Who is Suzanne Laprise? Former Connecticut state worker fires rounds at glass at police station

Who is Suzanne Laprise?

In connection with the incident on Thursday night, Laprise Suzanne, a resident of Plainville and a former state employee, is accused of nine offenses, including attempted murder. She is being jailed without bail on a $1 million bond.

Robert Devlin, the inspector general for Connecticut, published three videos and a detailed report on the event on Tuesday.

An incident that occurred at a Connecticut police station just last week is vividly depicted in a video that was made public on Tuesday. It was chaotic and may have been life-threatening.

In this dramatic video, 51-year-old Suzanne Laprise is seen engaged in a risky altercation with the police, which is only averted from being fatal by the presence of bulletproof glass.

In one video, Laprise can be seen repeatedly slamming a revolver against the glass separating the police and records employees from the public area in the Bristol Police Department lobby before firing at least four bullets.

What happened to Suzanne Laprise?

The incident starts with Laprise entering the Bristol Police Department at about 10:35 p.m. on a Thursday, as seen in lobby footage that was made available by the Connecticut Office of Inspector General.

Despite the fact that the front desk is vacant, she repeatedly bangs the window with a revolver in an apparent attempt to speak with someone behind the glass.

In an otherwise empty lobby, Laprise takes drastic action by firing several shots into the window after going unanswered and becoming increasingly irritated.

An officer cautiously approaches Laprise from behind a door to begin negotiations after a lengthy pause, but she responds by firing another shot.

A number of officers can be seen assembling behind a door in a different hallway in bodycam footage that Connecticut station WTNH published.

Before shooting his rifle twice, one of the officers asks his fellow officers, “Are these windows bulletproof?” The bulletproof panes of the door effectively stopped Officer Spencer Boisvert’s attempts to shoot Laprise when he retaliated, according to the Connecticut Office of Inspector General.

Later, Laprise lays her weapon down, but she behaves erratically and violently in the lobby, yelling and banging on the walls.

Eight officers rush into the foyer at this crucial moment to tackle Laprise and use an electrical control device to immobilize her. Surprisingly, during this turbulent encounter, neither Laprise nor any of the officers suffered major injuries.

According to WTNH, Laprise was apprehended and charged with various offenses, including criminal attempt or murder with special circumstances, unlawful firearm discharge, and illegal firearm carrying while intoxicated or using narcotics. She will appear in court the following week and is now being held on a $1 million bond.


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