Who is Thomas Delgado? Philadelphia man arrested for 2013 home invasion murder of bar owner

For a decade, Thomas Delgado was facing countless charges for a murder case which happened in 2013. The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office finally announced the end of a cold case on Thursday. Thomas Delgado, 50, a Philadelphia native, was arrested for the 2013 murder of Joseph Canazaro in Hilltown Township. Who is Thomas Delgado? What happened to Joseph Canazaro? Let’s find out more below.

Who is Thomas Delgado?

Thomas Delgado is a 50-year-old resident of Port Richmond, Philadelphia who is now in custody and has been charged with the 2013 home invasion murder of Bucks County businessman Joseph Canazaro. The arrest comes as a breakthrough in a case that had remained unsolved for nearly a decade.

Delgado is now facing charges of homicide, r*pe, burglary, kidnapping, and conspiracy. The charges stem from his alleged involvement in the targeted attack on Canazaro’s Hilltown Township home on January 18, 2013, during which Canazaro, 48 at the time, was killed and his fiancée was reportedly assaulted, according to reports.

Thomas Delgado’s Arrest: How Joseph Canazaro Passed Away

On Jan. 18, 2013, shortly after 10 a.m., Bucks County 911 officials received a call from a home on the 300 block of Swartley Road in Hilltown Township. The officials tried to respond but the caller was no longer on the line, according to the affidavit.

Then about a minute later, the dispatchers received another call from a nearby house. A woman was on the line and said she was calling from her neighbour’s home. She told the dispatchers that two armed men broke into her home, took her family hostage and may have kidnapped her fiancé, later identified as Joseph Canazaro. She also reported that her fiancé’s pickup truck was stolen as well as other things from the home.

Police responded to the home and found Canazaro’s body in the garage with his hands bound by zip ties, officials said. An autopsy later confirmed that he died from multiple st*b wounds and his death was ruled a homicide.

Detectives then spoke with Canazaro’s fiancée. She told investigators two gunmen entered her home earlier that morning and approached her and Canazaro inside their bedroom. The two men then proceeded to zip-tie the two victims by the legs and with their hands behind their backs, according to the affidavit.

Canazaro was then led around the house by one of the suspects while another suspect, later identified by investigators as Delgado, stayed with the woman and Canazaro’s younger son, investigators said. Delgado then allegedly took Canazaro’s fiancée into a different room and assaulted her.

The two men then took the woman and the boy down into the basement of the home sometime later and left them there with instructions to wait for two hours, officials said. After she believed the two men left, the woman was able to get out of the zip ties and help the boy escape, according to the affidavit.

The woman said she then took the boy and their family dog to their neighbour’s house to call 911. Canazaro’s eldest son was at school during the entire ordeal, investigators said. At the time of his death, Canazaro was the owner of Finn McCool’s Tavern in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

How was Thomas Delgado caught?

Surveillance footage from January 18, 2013, revealed the suspects unloading the trunk of Canazaro’s stolen pickup truck behind a Friendly’s in Quakertown. The stolen truck was later found abandoned at the restaurant, accompanied by a pair of gardening gloves near the vehicle.

A breakthrough in 2019 came during a routine evidence review when investigators discovered a black face mask tucked between the seats of the stolen truck. Subsequent DNA testing in August 2020 matched the DNA profile of Thomas Delgado. In 2022, using advanced technology, detectives revisited the evidence, linking Delgado to the face mask and a r**e kit from Canazaro’s girlfriend.


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