Who is TikToker Anni Wunderwelt ?

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Anni Wunderwelt has taken over major trends as many are eager to know much about her after a video of her went viral on major social media Platforms. 

Anni Wunderwelt is a popular TikToker and model who gained massive popularity and became famous in the Media space after an alleged video of her went viral on Twitter. 

Anni Wunderwelt video 

Days ago, some Twitter users shared a link of  her alleged viral video with a caption that includes the “Leaked” word.

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This got lot’s of people into a complete state of shock and they quickly reached out to her by tagging her on Instagram to ask about the genuineness of the said Leaked video. 

Anni, whose attention was drawn to the video, debunked it and branded it as fake. 

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Her Friends also made a statement about it and stated emphatically that it was an edited video.

“It’s all made up and fake, nonsense, I think. You guys should do better than this. That edited video and photos are so bad in.” says Anni Wunderwelt’s best friend.



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