Who is Tim Shaddock wife?

Tim Shaddock’s wife will be the focus of our discussion today. Tim Shaddock is an Australian man who spent over two months lost at sea with his dog.

Tim Shaddock, 51, and his dog Bella, whom he had met in Mexico before the fateful expedition saw his boat drift over 1,000 miles into the Pacific Ocean due to a storm, were rescued by a Mexican tuna boat over the weekend.

“She’s amazing, that dog is something else, I’m a bit biased but yeah,” Shaddock said. “Bella seemed to have found me in the middle of Mexico, she’s Mexican, she is the spirit of the middle of the country and she wouldn’t let me go.

“I tried to find a home for her maybe three times and she just kept following me out into the water. She’s a beautiful animal and I’m just grateful she’s alive.

“She’s a lot more braver than I am, that’s for sure.”

Shaddock later gave Bella to a crew member of the “Maria Delia,” the ship that rescued the pair, under the condition the dog received good care.

Shaddock began his adventure in April when he departed from La Paz, Mexico in an effort to sail across the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia. Shaddock is a resident of Sydney, Australia.

However, Shaddock’s catamaran was damaged by a storm approximately a month into the voyage.

The boat’s electronics system was among the storm’s victims, turning the white vessel into just an expensive raft.

Shaddock was saved when a helicopter spotted his boat 1,200 miles offshore and alerted the Maria Delia.”

Who is Tim Shaddock wife?

Tim Shaddock wife

We have no information about Tim Shadoock’s wife in our database presently. Shaddock was able to survive off of the supplies he had already packed for the trip along with the fish he caught.


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