Who is Trevor Reed? Why was he arrested? Parents and Girlfriend

Trevor Reed was sentenced to a nine-year jail term in Russia. He was a former Marine born in the year 1994 in Hood County. As of 2022, he is believed to be 28 years old.

With regards to his education, he graduated from the University of North Texas and beliefs in Christianity.

Trevor Reed arrested
Trevor Reed

Who are Trevor Reed’s parents?

Trevor Reed was born to his parents, Joe and Paula. The ex-marine parents have another child who is the only sibling and sister Trevor Reed but her identity has been kept under the carpet.

Since their son was arrested and jailed, Joe and his wife, Paula have been fighting for due justice for Trevor Reed and finally, they have gotten what they wish for.

Who is Trevor Reed’s wife, Lina Tsybulnik?

Lina Tsybulnik is known as the fiancee of Trevor Reed who is very well known.

The family of the Texas marine denied the charges that led to their relative imprisonment in Russia.

Why was Trevor Reed arrested in Jail?

Trevor Reed was arrested in 2019 in Russia after he was accused of assaulting two Russian police officers for allegedly being drunk

He was later sentenced to a nine-year term in a Russian jail

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