Who Is Valeria Duque, Model Rauw Alejandro Allegedly Cheated On Rosalia With?

She is the subject of a cheating allegation as model Rauw Alejandro is alleged to have cheated with her on his girlfriend, Rosalia; what do you know about Valeria Duque?

Rauw Alejandro, Rosal’s ex-fiance, is debunking claims that their engagement ended because of infidelity.

The 30-year-old Puerto Rican musician denied cheating on the 30-year-old diva in a Spanish-language statement released on Wednesday.

This news is being reported amid rumors from fans that he cheated on Rosalia with Instagram model Valeria Duque.

Asserting that they had broken up their engagement “a few months ago,” Rauw told his 18.1 million followers that he and Rosalia had done so for reasons other than infidelity.

‘Throughout all these years, you’ve been part of my professional accomplishments, as well as all the happy moments I lived with my partner,’ he said in his statement.

‘I never thought I’d be in a position where I’d have to give a public statement about such a private matter in my life. Yes, a few months ago, Rosi and I ended our engagement,’ he continued.

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‘There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup but, in our case, it was not because of infidelity or a third person. During this time that I’m taking to assimilate everything, there have been false public allegations, and because of the respect I have for her, our families and all we ever lived, I couldn’t stay quiet and continue to see how they try to destroy the most real love story God has ever allowed me to live.

‘With nothing more to add, to my fans that I love so much, thank you for being there,’ Rauw Alejandro concluded.

When the news broke that Rauw Alejandro cheated on Rosalia with Valeria Duque, people showed keen interest in getting to know who she is.

Apparently, they want to know what Valeria Duque has that Rosalia does not have.

So who is Valeria Duque, the lady Rauw Alejandro allegedly had an affair with which led to the breaking of his relationship with Rosalia?

Who is Valeria Duque?

Valeria Duque
Valeria Duque

When Valeria Duque’s name was connected to the breakup of Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro, she found herself at the center of controversy.

Fans are now curious to learn more about the model.

Valeria Duque is a Colombian model, entrepreneur, and provider of fitness and lifestyle content. She was born on February 22, 1992, in Medellin.

She became well-known after appearing in the reality television program Desafo Supr Humanos 2018.

Along with that, she has been in a number of music videos, such as Maluma’s 11 PM, Arnau’s Escandalo, and Kevin Roldan’s Medellin.

She and her friend Valentina Ospina founded the sportswear company Val Active in 2020, however, it appears that they have since closed.

Valeria Duque also mentioned in her Instagram account that she is associated with Happily Gummies, a company that sells nutrients in the form of sugar-free gummy bears.

On Instagram, Valeria has 1.5 million fans.

Outfit shots, trip postings, exercise videos, and sponsorship posts make up the majority of her page.

The model has more than 400,000 followers on TikTok, which is a sizable following. 1.6 million people have liked all of her posts.

She frequently shares TikTok challenges and workout videos.

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After Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro separated, Valeria gained notoriety when it was reported that she was responsible for the breakup.

She didn’t waste any time apologizing, sharing a statement with her tens of millions of followers.

“Everything that is being said about me is FALSE, I have NO relationship with the person they are linking me to, I am the victim of FALSE accusations to create a media narrative that can destroy the reputations of various people,” Valeria Duque wrote on her Instagram Story, which was written in Spanish.

“I want to tell you that much of what you see on social media is LIES… I advise you to be more conscious when posting information that can unfairly affect people’s lives.”

Valeria Duque added: “I have been in this entertainment industry for a long time, I know many people in the field, and I have worked in it for years. I have been involved in important projects worldwide, and all the people who know me and the community that follows and supports me have witnessed the growth of my career and my work, in which my professionalism and discipline have characterized me.”

“THANK YOU to all who have sent me their positive energy, those who DO know me and know who I am, and there are MANY!!! With them, with the TRUTH and a clear conscience, I choose to stay.”


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