Who Is @Vivalabadchick aka Katt Leya the ‘trillionaire heiress’

Social Media has now been turning many people into overnight celebrities and a lady under the username @Vivalabadchick is one of the many internet sensations that have attracted massive attention in the digital space.

The account @Vivalabadchick triggered many people’s attention and there’s a search ongoing among social media users about her and in this article, we’re going to get in-depth details about her.

Vivalabadchick is one of the well-known Instagram users who recently went viral on the digital space and has since triggered people’s curiosity. Her handle @Vivalabadchick has over 50k followers on the account and will hit a million soon looking at the pace she’s been going viral on Instagram.

She is also having a TikTok account with the same username but can’t verify the fact if she’s the one behind the account on the video-sharing platform.

Who is @Vivalabadchick?

The lady making massive on social media is identified as Katt Leya as mentioned on her Twitter account, her Instagram account has “trillionaire heiress” in her bio, and also appears to be in her 20s.

A glance into @Vivalabadchick Instagram

The internet sensation has over 50k followers with only 92 posts and currently following 112 however finding her photo on Instagram is quite difficult.

Vivalabadchick was known in real life as Katt Leya also has huge followers of 80.4k and 0 followers.

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Vivalabadchick Net Worth

Is @Vivalabadchick a trillionaire? Well, Katt Leya’s bio has the “trillionaire heiress” and fans are skeptical about her net worth but the thing it might be a publicity stunt because the richest person in the world has a fortune of 241 billion dollars.


Does @Vivalabadchick have a boyfriend?

As it stands now, there’s no information regarding her relationship status however since she might be in her 20s there’s a possibility that she’s having someone in her life.


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