Who is your girlfriend? Man in utter shock after his girlfriend surprises him with brand new Range Rover (Video)

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A woman ostensibly from Nigeria but based abroad surprised her boyfriend with a brand new Range Rover spontaneously.

The lady filmed the moment she got her man the surprise sleek car which was comfortably packed in a car pack obviously not far from her apartment and presented the keys to him.

The man was utterly shocked and initially thought it was a prank hence refused to believe that the posh car is actually his.

The romantic woman blindfolded him and led him to a car park where the new car was parked and revealed that it belongs to him.

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When his doubt was cleared and he realised that indeed his woman has ‘changed’ his life, he started smiling and accepted the car key amidst screaming.

They eventually hopped into the new Range Rover and went for a drive.

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In other reports that will interest you, Joan MacDonald has redefined old age and proven that older women are not to be underestimated as she attracted more followers to her Instagram page.

The vibrant old lady was in her 70s when she had the idea to start inspiring other women on fitness routines which she wanted to share on Instagram although she had no idea how to use social media. [When I was younger] married women didn’t belong to gyms, they just didn’t, until later on, she says. Today, Macdonald has enviable biceps and nearly a million followers.

MacDonald’s space has warmed hearts and coming from a septuagenarian who is full of life, she has managed to win a lot of people to subscribe to her philosophy. 

She told reporters, It’s a challenge to our ideas of who older women are allowed to be. “Older women have a lot to offer. There are a lot of older women out here older than I am that are really strong, amazing people. Older women have a voice and we need to be listened to. People think, Oh Grandma, what does she know? But you’d be amazed at what Grandma can do.

McDonald’s fitness journey began like many people’s: with a visit to the doctor. “They said they were going to increase my medications because my blood pressure was not being controlled properly, but I didn’t like to be on medication,” she says. 

Her daughter Michelle, a health coach helped her along the line with professional counselling. With her doctor’s blessing, she started to learn the basics, reading up on nutrition and fitness. 

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